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When Can You Tell the Sex of a Kitten: 3 Top Methods of Gender identification

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Sex of a Kitten

Determining the sex of a kitten can be a challenging task, especially in a newborn kitten. You often have to wait for your new friend to grow up. However, it is still possible to find out the gender earlier. Why such a rush? Perhaps someone wants a pet of a specific gender or chooses a beautiful name in advance. Wanting to have a boy kitten or girl kitten doesn’t make you a bad owner. This proves that you have taken a responsible approach to choose your future furry family member.

How to Determine the Sex of Kittens?

It is worth recognizing that the character of a female cat may differ from the male. It also influences the choice. Another factor is offspring. If you do not want to spay your pet and have no time to accommodate your cat’s offspring, then it is better to choose a boy. Also, a male cat can take part in increasing the population of its breed, and it would not give you unnecessary trouble. However, before we can explain how can you tell if a kitten is a boy or a girl, let us give you some advice:

  • Do not press on the genitals or abdomen of the pet;
  • If the kitten is under stress, it is better to postpone the procedure for another time;
  • Do not try telling kitten gender while feeding;
  • If the kittens have not yet been separated from their mother, then you should calm the cat. Otherwise, it would think that the kittens are in danger and rush to protect them.
  • When can you tell the sex of a kitten? You can more accurately tell the sex of the kitten after 3 months. However, if you do not have that much time, then we advise you to do this not earlier than 2 weeks of the pet’s age.

What Sex Is My Kitten: 1st Method?

Methods of Gender identification

After two weeks of age, experienced veterinarians and breeders can easily determine gender. If you know the difference between boy and girl kittens, you would succeed.

  • In males, the distance between the anus and genitals is bigger than in females. If you notice a colon conditionally, then there is a boy in front of you. In a girl, the genitals resemble a vertical line, and in the boy – just a point.
  • At about three months old, male kittens develop testicles. They are located between the anus and the penis. Such a kitten genitalia difference is more obvious, isn’t it? However, up to this age, you can check for their presence in tactility. Gently slide your middle and forefingers between the kitten’s anus and genitals. In boys, pea-like formations less than 1 inch in diameter are clearly felt.

Is My Kitten a Boy or a Girl: 2nd Method?

What Sex Is My Kitten

We advise you to carefully look at the color of the kitten. A tortoiseshell tricolor individual with a 99% probability is a female cat. Black, white, and red colors – in a male cat. Males only develop a three-color pattern in rare cases or with genetic diseases. Cat sex determination in this way is not reliable and is not even acceptable in half the cases.

Cat Gender Identification: 3rd Method

Is My Kitten a Boy or a Girl

Sometimes the pet’s gender can be determined by behavior. The boy is more restless and sometimes aggressive. A girl from the first weeks can show affection and attention. However, this is not a reliable way. Therefore, kittens up to one year are very playful, and their personality is being formed. If you ask your friends about the nature of their pets, the answers would be different. Someone would argue that females are calmer, someone would say the same about males.
This topic will never lose its relevance, and searches in Google “young kittens sex” will not decrease. However, our readers already know how and when to find out the sex of their new furry friends. If you know other methods, please, write about them in the comments!

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