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Difference Between Persian and Himalayan Cats

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himalayan and persian cat

As we already found out in the last article, it turns out that the Himalayan cat did not come to us from Mount Jomolungma. It got its name for its resemblance to one of the rare and valuable breeds of rabbits, which had the same name.

Today, we will talk about the difference between Persian and Himalayan cats. These cats are very similar to each other. Moreover, they are direct relatives, because the Persian and Siamese breeds were the parents of the new and unique Himalayan breed of cats.

Himalayan and Persian Cat: A Little About the History of These Breeds

himalayan cat vs persian cat

Agree that the Persian cat is a more popular breed than the Himalayan cat. And if you put the 2 of these representatives together, you can accurately tell which one is the Persian Cat.

And there’s nothing strange about it because the Himalayan cat breed appeared much later than the Persian and it is a hybrid breed (it’s a mix of Persian and Siamese cat genes).

Himalayans took all the best from their ancestors: royal and fluffy looks of Persian cats and unusual/unique colors of Siamese ancestors.

It is an interesting fact that Himalayan cats were recognized as a separate species only 7 years ago. Before that, these nice and fluffy pets were considered as representatives of the Persian breed (they were united in one phenotype in the 1980s).

Now, these close relatives are in different groups of cat breeds.

Himalayan or Persian Cat – And Yet, What Is the Difference Between Them?

Let’s first talk about the standards of both breeds and what they are notable for.

Persian Cat Breed

himalayan or persian cat

The shape or structure of the nose is the first thing that distinguishes Persian cats from all other breeds. There are three standards for this breed, which are just about their cutest part of the face:

  • The Old English version of the Persian breed has a pronounced nose that is below the eye line. This category of the breed has a nose that is much farther back than the lower eyelid of the eyes compared to the others.
  • European Standard. In these cats the nose is very close (almost at the level) of the lower eyelid.
  • The Extreme species is characterized by the nose being very close to the lower eyelid. In some cases, it is even higher than the cat’s lower eye line.

General Standards of All Species of Persian Cats

  • A thick, long, and fluffy coat (can reach a length of 20 cm);
  • A large head on a short neck;
  • The large muscular torso on strong paws;
  • The ears are small and fairly widely spaced relative to each other;
  • The tail is usually not long (as if cut in half) and sometimes there are individuals with tail with half-cut tip;
  • Beautiful, expressive, and large eyes inherent in all representatives of the Persian breed.

Himalayan Cat Breed

persian cat vs himalayan

These cats took the best from their parents:

  • They have silky and thick coats;
  • They have a standard of color, especially it is noticeable by the color of the muzzle (the dark color of the face should not extend to the neck);
  • They have a rounded body and chunky torso structure;
  • Grounded paw structure and a rounded belly that feels like it is dragging on the ground;
  • A short and broad nose;
  • Short and strong paws.

Both breeds are very beautiful and similar to each other due to their fluffy and long coats. It is difficult to pass by these beauties, so in the struggle, Himalayan cat vs Persian cat wins the friendship and beauty of these fluffy animals.

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