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Cat Names from Disney Movies: Best Males and Females Names to Choose

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Cat Names from Disney Movies

Millions of people love cats. And among these millions, there is certainly love of the Disney universe. So it’s no surprise that Disney-inspired cat names are becoming more popular every year. However, before moving on to the lists of such names, we would like to talk about the simple rules for choosing a name for a cat in general.

  • A cat’s name should have two, maximum of three syllables, so the pet quickly remembers the nickname and begins to respond to it.
  • You should not call your pet a very long name. Over time, your cat may get used to the nickname, but it’s better to choose something shorter and easier to remember.
  • Take a closer look at the color of the cat. The variety of coat colors in cats can tell you an interesting name. Not only the shade of the coat itself but also the associations with the color would help you in your choice.
  • You can choose a name for the kitten, paying attention to its appearance, behavior, and character. Everything matters: the color of the eyes, the size of the ears, the length of the legs and tail. Maybe your kitten is very active or lazy. Or maybe it is an exact copy of some character from Disney.

Top Cat Names from Disney Movies

Do you know that a cat named Julius from the 1924 cartoon was one of the first Disney characters? What is this if not a sign of fate, is it? The Disney universe has given us cool experiences over the years and millions of names to choose from for our pets. Why not name your kitty after a princess or a little fidget kitten after a villain? Quite often, villains become kinder and realize their mistakes. This is a great parallel to the kitten. At first, it can make some mess, and then it grows up and becomes calmer. Let’s explore a few cool-named lists of cat names from Disney below.

Disney Kitten Names

Top Cat Names from Disney Movies

We all never cease to be amazed at the grace of kittens from the first days of their life. So why not choose an aristocratic name?

  • Duchess. A cat with that name was a faithful friend for her mistress and a wonderful mother for three kittens.
  • Marie. That was the name of the white kitten of the Duchess. The character turned out to be gentle and caring.
  • Berlioz. That was the name of the gray kitten of the Duchess. The character loves to show character through its whims. However, it also has a quiet disposition.
  • Toulouse. That was the name of the red-haired kitten of the Duchess. The character has a talent for painting and tries to be a strong personality.
  • Thomas O’Malley. This is one of the central characters – a talking cat who loves romance. However, we remember that the name should be short, right? Choose Thomas or O’Malley.

Other names that might work for your kitten too:

  • Sassy;
  • Goose;
  • Mochi;
  • Dug;
  • Dopey;
  • Mim;
  • Fatty (short form of Fat Cat);
  • Bandit;
  • Kismet;
  • Peppo;
  • Boo;
  • Nemo;
  • Arlo;
  • Coco. 

Disney Male Cat Names

Disney Male Cat Names

When you were little, you may have dreamed of meeting a prince/princess or a faithful friend from Disney. So why not make your dream come true? Give your pet a name from this Disney cat names list and the fairy tale would come true.

  • Rajah. That was the name of the tiger Princess Jasmine. He is a devoted friend and protector. By the way, in India, this name means “prince”.
  • Olaf. If your kitten is kind, curious, and a little silly (in a good way), then this name would suit it. That is the name of the famous snowman in “Frozen”.
  • Rafiki. This is the name of a wise shaman, whose words and predictions were not always clear, but always true. By the way, this name means “friend”. If your cat shows kindness and care to all family members, then it is worth considering.
  • Buzz. Brave, proud, self-confident – these are the main personality traits of a character with that name. A cat with a strong personality should be called that way.

Look at other famous Disney cat names for males.

  • Scar;
  • Mr. Dark;
  • Nemo;
  • Dusty;
  • Arlo;
  • Rufus;
  • Pete;
  • Milton;
  • Simba;
  • Oliver;
  • Sultan;
  • Woody;
  • Dumbo;
  • Timon;
  • Tiger.

Female Cat Names Inspired by Disney

Female Cat Names Inspired by Disney

For everyone, their female cat is a princess no matter what. If your pet scratches the couch, you may be furious. However, as soon as it lies down next to you and purrs, you would forgive it everything. So why not name the cat as a Disney princess.

  • Aurora. This is the majestic name with which ancient mythology is associated. However, it is also the name of the lovely Disney princess. The first viewers saw the film released in 1959.
  • Jasmine. The name would be perfect for a fluffy black cat who loves its owner and is even ready to protect them.
  • Belle. If your cat is a real intellectual and is not indifferent to books (it likes to lie on them, throw them off the table, look at a book when you read), then the name of this well-read French princess is an excellent variant. The character herself is brave, not afraid to make decisions on her own. So the name is suitable for cats that combine intelligence and beauty.
  • Ariel. Your ginger cat would love this name for sure. Of course, these are not the rules. So you can call a cat of any color. However, names such as the first association arise with the name Ariel. By the way, this is a Hebrew name and means “lion of God”.
  • Elsa. What do you think of the idea to call the Sphynx cat like that? It would seem that this hairless breed should freeze, but it is not. Their body temperature is higher than that of cats of other breeds. It’s the same with Elsa – cold outside, but kind, brave and sympathetic in her heart.

Look at other Disney female cat names:

  1. Anastasia;
  2. Wendy;
  3. Minnie;
  4. Daisy;
  5. Darling;
  6. Ursula;
  7. Cruella;
  8. Tiana;
  9. Mulan;
  10. Rapunzel;
  11. Merida;
  12. Leia;
  13. Alice;
  14. Jane;
  15. Nancy.

    You can also make your own Disney-themed cat names list and discuss it with other family members.
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