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How to Build a Catio from Scratch and Choose the Best Place for It

Nov.17.2021 63
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Activity is important not only for dogs but also for cats. In the first place, this would help to avoid obesity, which can lead to more serious diseases. If you are afraid to let your pet go outside or do not have time to walk together on a leash, then DIY catio can provide daily activity for your cat. Such an idea would definitely not frustrate you, and you would not need to invest a large amount of money in this. However, where you live can affect the cost of materials. To set a price for a catio, you need to get a basic design and then go to your local store to calculate a price according to your specific plan. Also, don’t forget about tools for building. How much does it cost to build a catio? On average, prefab prices range from under $50 for a windowsill to thousands of dollars for a room design. In any case, you can always set the optimal amount that you are ready to spend for your DIY catio ideas and try to follow this budget!

What Do You Need for Catio DIY?

The materials used for building a catio can be purchased at your special local store or forestry store. Typical materials include a wooden frame, anti-fall wire, cedar frame, and roofing options such as mesh or polycarbonate so your cat can enjoy cat food all year round. To ensure an open space protected from escape, consider the following:

  • To ensure the safety and durability of your cat, it is recommended to use galvanized welding wire and provide different sizes. Other options include green and black wires with vinyl coating. You can use a nail gun to connect the wires to the wooden frame in your homemade catio.
  • If you are making a catio on a deck or terrace, your floor already exists. If you build it on the ground, consider the available grass or add bricks, cobblestones, or decorative materials. These materials would help prevent dust or dirty claws from entering your home.
  • Cedar with a dense knot is a good choice for creating shelves for vertical and horizontal movement in the catio. Corner seats are ideal for leisure and relaxation, they can be covered with street carpets.
  • Mesh or transparent polycarbonate roof would provide protection for your cat.
  • You also need a safe place. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

How to Choose a Simple Place for a Catio

There are several factors to consider when choosing a placement for your easy DIY catio. Consider the following tips:

  • The ideal position for the cat is close to an outside window or door so your cat can directly enter the cat. The DIY outdoor catios are available in a variety of sizes and styles and can be installed on windows, doors, or walls. If you would rather place it further away from your home, consider using a cat tunnel or take it to the litter box.
  • Estimate how much open space you have and how many cats would use that space. They love vertical space, so you can maximize a small area by adding some vertical shelves and habitats. If space is limited, the catio window frame is a good choice. If you want to enjoy cats, provide the space for intimate contact with other pets. After all, nature is also useful to everyone.
  • Place contacts on a flat and horizontal foundation to ensure the success of the project.You can even out uneven ground or you can build your catio on a terrace or deck.
  • How to attach a catio to a house? If you are not experienced in this matter, then it is best to call a professional to help you. But in general, it is not difficult at all when you have already decided exactly on the place – window or a door, etc.
  • Cats love to bask in the sun, so it is an ideal spot to provide sunshine and shade. When outdoors, always provide shade for your pet, such as shade cloth or benches.
  • One of the best ideas for your DIY catio plans is a cat-friendly location with great views of the garden, wildlife, and family activities that would provide your pet with endless enrichment while enjoying the fresh air.

How to Build a Catio from Scratch?

easy catio
  • Do you need a stand-alone or an additional design? Room size or simple window frame? Consider the size, style, and cost that suit your needs, and choose the design that best suits you and your cat. You can buy a plan with instructions or hire a professional who would build it, depending on its size and complexity.
  • If you do it on an existing flooring or concrete slab, make sure the foundation would support your design. Or, if you are building a floor, clear the area – remove shrubs, trees, and anything else that would interfere. If you decide to arrange a dirty floor for your pet, make sure that there are no poisonous plants nearby. It is better to grow useful green grass for your cat.
  • Regardless of the location or size of your easy catio, you can build it from materials that would stand the test of time, weather, and pests. Some materials can be dangerous for your pet and your family. Most of the necessary items can be purchased at your local warehouse or home store. Also, gather the necessary tools.
  • Follow the instructions for a specific plan to create a basic structure for it. You would attach panels to this design. When the frame is complete, if it is part of your plan, add a floor and the roof.
  • If you would form the wall of your room. When the frame is complete, stretch and connect the screen. If your room has a door, please do so now.
  • Before installing all the side panels, think about whether you need to move any large objects in the furniture first. For example, a branch is a good accessory for climbing and scratching, and when the wall is installed, it may not pass through the door.
  • Do you have any accessories in your DIY catio design guide? You can put there some cool shelves, or make a shelter for your pet – everything that you want, but it must be safe.

Conclusion: Is Catio Worth It?

Of course, a catio is not a “must-have” for your cat. But most of those who decided to build it was satisfied and even noticed changes in their pet’s behavior for the better. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether your cat needs it or not. However, let’s find out what benefits everyone says so:

  • Your cat doesn’t have to go outside;
  • If you are often not at home, then the pet will not be so bored waiting for you;
  • This would open up a new and interesting world for it;
  • The cat would have its own safe place where it can hide when he wants to be alone.

Instructions to build a catio are quite simple, the main thing is to follow them and you would succeed. Do you already have a catio? Tell us in the comments why you decided to build it and whether your cat is happy!

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