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Do Cats Cry?

Aug.14.2020 225
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Cats can cry too. They can actually feel different emotions such as sadness, irritation, anger, happiness. Some cat owners have noticed that the eyes of their pets were watering in stressful moments, for example:

Some Reasons You Don’t Have To Worry When You See a Crying Kitten

You Should Know the Reasons That May Reflect That There Is an Infection in a Cat’s Organism

crying kitty
  • conjunctivitis and other eye diseases;
  • allergies;
  • worms;
  • eye injuries (cats are restless when they are suffering).

Also, you have to understand that there are some cat’s breeds that have deformed tear ducts. These cat’s breeds are Scottish and British, and Persian cats also have this problem.

Owners of these cat’s breeds have to monitor the condition of the cat’s eyes. In such a case, you can buy special eye drops or you can make your antiseptic herbal infusion and then you can wipe the cat’s eyes. You can make it with chamomile, calendula, or from oak bark. If you don’t have these herbs you can brew strong tea, it is also appropriate for felines’ eyes.

If you’re not sure that your cat is healthy, it’s best to go to your vet and he’ll give you an exact answer.

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