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Do You Need To Vaccinate a Pet Cat?

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are cat vaccines really necessary

When a cat appears in our house we try to surround it with love, care, delicious food, and various accessories. It’s not weird, a cat can’t tell you directly what it wants or that it might get sick. They don’t even realize it.

People have invented vaccines to avoid life-threatening infections.

What Is the Mechanism of the Vaccine in a Living Organism?

The body (especially the immune system) studies the foreign substances that the vaccine contains and begins to produce antibodies to destroy them. The process can take several days and then our immune system remembers all the actions that helped to destroy the virus or infection. This produces a specific human immune system. The vaccination process encourages our body to react to dangerous microorganisms. Many people are against this procedure and believe that natural immunity (which a person has since birth) can cope with all diseases. Opinions are often divided when it comes to choosing whether to get a vaccine or not?

Pet cat owners don’t understand why a cat (who is always at home) needs to be vaccinated? What may threaten it?

These ‘cat diseases’ are not contagious and a person cannot get sick. But your pet infection can be fatal.

Each of us can bring different germs, viruses on the soles of our shoes or even our clothes. They are invisible but cats are at risk because they spend more time on the floor, they often sniff everything and can lick it. Have you ever noticed how your cat likes to explore your sneakers or shoes?

Which Diseases Your Cat Should Be Vaccinated For?

  • Rabies
  • Ringworm
  • Feline calicivirus
  • Feline alphaherpesvirus
  • Feline distemper
  • Feline leukemia virus

How Often Do Cats Need Shots

All the cats have to be vaccinated against rabies every year. Nowadays, this vaccination can be done at intervals of three years. There are also combined vaccines (they contain substances for an immune response to several infections and viruses).

At What Age, My Cat Can Be Vaccinated?

what vaccines do indoor cats need yearly

There are two opinions among veterinarians. Some say you should get the vaccination after 10 weeks from the birth of your kitten. Because the immunity of such little kittens is still weak and they are not able to develop a response to the medication. Others believe if a kitten was born by a purebred and a domestic cat (previously vaccinated) then it gets antibodies with a mother’s milk.

If you take a tiny kitten from the street, then it can be vaccinated from the age of 2 months. But before that, you need to find out if there are any signs of health problems in your cat. If you detect something, you should tell your vet.

Another reason we strongly encourage vaccinating your cat is a trip abroad. If you plan to take your cat or kitten (without proper vaccination) on a journey you will not be allowed to enter another country.

Contact your vet to find out which vaccine your pet needs. The doctor will examine your pet, conduct a health check, get the right test material, and tell you all the details of the procedure. Take care of yourself and the one you’ve tamed!

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