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Dry or Wet Nose – What Does It Mean?

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The nose is quite a cute part of a cat’s body. It’s not only beautiful but also very informative. There is a common perception if a cat has a dry nose it means it’s sick and if it’s wet it means it’s healthy. Well, that’s not exactly true.

Cat’s Nose Is Dry

For example, if your cat is in a room with poor ventilation or lying next to a battery or fire, her/his nose will be dry. It can get dry or moisten several times a day.

Moisture in the nose appears due to the secretion of the nose or moisten with the saliva. It is normal for an animal to have dry nose leather when sleeping or taking a nap (or for half an hour after waking up). If your cat is playing actively her/his body temperature rising and mucous membranes drying out.

A dry nose may also occur if the room is too stuffy or hot outside. A dry nose may also be a sign that your cat has been stressed, eaten too much, or hungry. It has also been observed that dry nose is more common in some breeds (such as Bengal cats). A healthy cat’s nose should be wet and cool in other cases.

If your cat has a dry nose with unpleasant symptoms (lethargy, unwillingness to eat, pale mucous membranes, behavioral changes, fever, gastrointestinal disorders, dull hair, pathological discharge from the eyes, etc.) you should visit a vet as soon as possible. The nose can be dry by dehydration, heart problems, and some infections.

And What About a Wet Nose?

As we learned out, a cat’s nose is cold and wet – a sign of good health. There are some cases when the sick animal has a wet nose. Let’s look at some diseases, where cats have wet noses:

  • Hot ears and a cold nose are the norms for the cats. However, if there is an abundance of excretions from the nose and the ears are hot it can be a result of infection;
  • Wet nose, sneezing, refusal to eat, and fever may signal that she or he has a cold;
  • Sometimes the nose is very moist if a foreign object has entered the nasal passages of your cat. And the excreta can be not only transparent but also blood and pus;
  • It’s allergic when the nose is always running. Your pet may suffer from the smell of cigarette smoke and the scents of cleaning products. Allergic rhinitis can develop due to plant pollen intolerance, the affection of certain medicines and dust;
  • If your pet is sniffing hard, his\her nose is too wet and he is breathing through his mouth, it may be a polyp on the mucous membrane of his nose;
  • A wet nose and constant discharge from it can say about a benign or malignant tumor;
  • A wet and pale nose may be a sign of cardiovascular disease.
  • If the animal’s nose is not only constantly wet but also cold, hypothermia or poisoning may be suspected.

Healthy Cat’s Nose

dry nose cat's diseases

The cat’s nose can be either dry or wet during the day. If the cat’s health isn’t threatened its nose can be:

  • Warm and dry during sleep, after an active time or when it’s too hot around;
  • Slightly moist, smooth, and shiny – most of the day.

If the discharge from the nose is too abundant, not transparent, and bloody or purulent, the nasal lobe has a dried crust, a cat sneezes or shakes his face, then his health is in danger.

Touching your cat’s nose is not enough to identify with precision. Because as we’ve found out, the nose can’t be moist all the time. You have to pay attention to the presence or absence of symptoms of malaise.

How Does the Healthy Cat’s Nose Look?

There should be no ulcers or scabs on the nose, and it should be smooth to the touch. Injuries on the nose may occur both from mechanical damage and from viral diseases (similar to human herpes).

The color of a cat’s nose depends on the color and age of the cat. It’s usually the same color as the fur on the face around it. Kittens have lighter noses and it gets darker with age. The availability of pigmented spots on her\his nose isn’t a sign of illness.

If you think there’s something wrong with your cat but you’re not sure – you can measure temperature. There are veterinary thermometers with a flexible tip but you can use another one.

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