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Egyptian Mau Cat: Interesting Facts and Characteristics

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Egyptian Mau cat

Each cat breed is unique in its way and has traits by which a cat can be attributed to a particular breed. Today we want to tell you about the Egyptian Mau cat. It will be interesting for you to know the Egyptian Mau cat, and also useful if you are the owner of such a cat or are planning to buy it. Let’s enjoy reading this article together.

What Is an Egyptian Mau?

This breed is a short-haired cat, of medium size, spotted color. By the way, spots can be both on the fur and the skin. There are only three colors of this breed: silver, bronze, and smoky. Sometimes a black Egyptian Mau cat is born, but this is very rare. They need constant weight control due to fragile joints. In general, the cat will become a good family member who does not need special care or privileges.

A Short Excursion About the History of the Egyptian Mau

This breed is one of the oldest and was very popular among the Egyptian pharaohs due to its grace and playfulness. Cats were identified with deities and therefore after death, they were mummified, placed in sarcophagi made of silver and gold, and decorated with them the temple of the goddess Bastet. In Europe, an elite and rare breed appeared thanks to aristocrat Trubetskoy, who lives in Italy. Through the ambassador of Syria, she received an Egyptian Mau cat After that crossed it with another purebred cat. In 1956 the Russian aristocrat immigrated to America, where she opened the Fatima kennel, registered the Mau in CFA as a new and natural breed. Nowadays, this nursery is no longer working. Nevertheless, the Egyptian Mau remains the rarest breed today.

Egyptian Mau: Temperament

This breed is very active and sociable, which does not tolerate loneliness. Shows curiosity about everything the owner does. It is very affectionate and sociable. Egyptian Mau domestic cats are full of energy and very active. They love to spend time outdoors and show their playful nature. Thanks to their excellent eyesight, hearing, and smell, these cats are excellent hunters. Easily make contact with other family members and pets. The Egyptian Mau is a very clean cat. It easily gets used to the toilet and does not cause any trouble to its owners. The balanced temperament is the main Egyptian Mau personality.

Other Egyptian Mau Characteristics

Egyptian Mau’s lifespan

The cat breed Egyptian Mau can be easily recognized among others, thanks to its memorable characteristics.

  • Head and Body. The cat has well-developed muscles. However, it should be noted that males are larger than females. The cat’s head is wedge-shaped without excessive roundness.
  • Ears and Eyes. The cat has medium to large, slightly pointed ears. Thanks to its large eyes, the cat’s gaze is very intelligent and attentive. A prerequisite for show cats of this breed is the presence of green eyes.
  • Legs&Paws and Tail. All parts of the body must be in proportion. And the front legs are slightly shorter than the hind legs. Paws have a graceful oval shape. The Egyptian Mau cat has a tail of medium length, tapering from base to end.

Egyptian Mau: Facts

Let’s look at equally interesting and sometimes funny facts about this breed.

  • These cats are champions among cats in running speed. They can run at speeds up to 58 km/h.
  • Unlike other breeds, a Mau’s pregnancy can last for about 73 days.
  • By the mid-1940s, the breed practically ceased to exist, but the crisis passed thanks to the efforts of the Russian aristocrat Natalia Trubetskoy.
  • Can be trained as well as dogs.
  • The price for one kitten of this breed is about $ 500- $ 3,500.
  • Egyptian Mau’s lifespan is about 12-15 years.

What Diseases Can Become a Threat to an Egyptian Mau Cat?

cat breed Egyptian Mau

Despite good health and a long lifespan, cats of this breed are prone to the following diseases:

  • asthma;
  • dystonia;
  • subluxation of the patella;
  • cardiomyopathy.

For the prevention of diseases, one should not neglect vaccinations and an annual examination by a veterinarian. Also, keep your cat free of fleas. Besides, their presence can cause the appearance of worms. If you have a purebred and thoroughbred representative of this breed, then you should not sterilize him, because they are already a rarity in our world.

And what features did you notice in your cat and why you decided to choose this particular breed, share with us in the comments. On the pages of our blog, you will find a lot of useful information about the health and care of cats, be sure to read. Thank you for reading us and see you soon on the pages of our blog!

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