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English Aristocrats – British Shorthair Cats

Jul.02.2020 386
  • Country of origin: Great Britain
  • Height: About 33 cm
  • Weight: 6-12 kg
  • Life expectancy: 10-15 years
british short hair cats

A British Shorthair cat is a perfect pet for those who love peace and quiet.

Adult British is an impersonation of seriousness, independence, and restraint. However, kittens of this breed are quite active and curious, so they need to be educated from birth.

These cats will not suffer or get sad during the absence of humans. However, this is not to say that they do not love their owners. On the contrary, unlike many other cats, the British usually are attached to all family members without making any exceptions.

british breed of cats

A British Shorthair cat requires attention despite their independence. It is necessary to play, to talk and, of course, caress a British cat, but you should only do it when the cat is in the mood.

A British Shorthair cat is very good at getting along with other animals, including dogs because of its restrained character and intelligence. These cats get along very well with children – if there is a child in the family, it is likely that the British cat will be more loyal to him/her than to anybody else.

The dignity of Brits is their coat, thick and soft. You need to brush your pet every day with special bristle brushes to keep your cat looking good. If a cat molts, you should blush him/her twice a day. The big plus is that these cats love this procedure.

british cats

British cats, whose activity is moderate enough, still need exercises – this breed is prone to fullness. So, you need to play with these cats and to control their nutrition.

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