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What Is the Most Expensive Cat Breed: Top-Rated List from $800 till $125,000

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For some reason, in our society, there is a mistaken opinion that cats are cheaper than dogs. However, this is not quite true. Expensive cat breeds not only exist but are very popular among cat lovers. A pet is not only a friend but also your child for whom you worry when it is sick and want to give the best possible care and nutrition. Dreams should come true and if you want a breed, but it costs more than $1000, then this is only a small obstacle. What do you think is the most expensive cat breed? We have prepared a special rating for you below, and you can find out if your predispositions were correct!

Different Types of Expensive Cat Breeds

Prices for a cat of a certain breed depend on many factors. But most often pedigree and compliance with breed standards play a huge role. For example, if the officially recognized color of the coat is only red, then white cats will cost significantly less. The number of representatives in the world can also affect the price. That is, if this is a rare breed, then even cats that do not meet the standards can be expensive. We found different costs, but below we will indicate the highest in recent years that have been encountered among breeders. So there is our list of 8 different types of expensive cats.


world's most expensive cat

Asheras are expensive and luxury cats, In order to get yourself such a pet, it is not enough to have $125,000, you need to be on the waiting list because there are not so many representatives of this breed in the world. It has an exotic leopard color and its appearance is associated with genetic experiments, so not all organizations recognize this breed. It is characterized by dominance and an active lifestyle. Therefore, if you want a “leopard” home as part of the interior, then Ashera will definitely not be one of them. This is a smart breed, so if you start raising it from an early age, then you would not have any problems in the future.


expensive house cats

Bengal is not the world’s most expensive cat, but its cost can be near $25,000. This is the result of crossing domestic and wild breeds. This is a kind and sympathetic breed that would easily get along with all members of its new family. Bengal has repeatedly been at the top of the best breeds in the world at various shows. It is distinguished from other breeds by intelligence and ability to train, and also the absence of unreasonable aggression. The main thing is to provide your pet with physical activity, otherwise, your furniture in the house may suffer, because they do not like loneliness and boredom. If it is important to you that your cat meets the basic standards of its breed, always choose a reliable breeder.


the most expensive cats

Persian is one of the expensive house cats, which has an unusual appearance and a calm personality. This breed is often called a fluffy sloth, but do not think that this is some kind of physical ailment. The fact is that it loves to rest more than to be physically active. Therefore, veterinarians are advised to monitor their weight in order to avoid overeating. Despite this lifestyle, Persian is an intelligent cat that can be easily trained to use the litter box if handled correctly. If you accidentally offend your pet, then it will not be angry with you for a long time because this is a kind and balanced cat breed. It usually costs near $5,500.


most expensive domestic cat breeds

Toyger is always on the list of top expensive cat breeds, and its price is $5,000. The work of breeders on it is still ongoing. You would not have any problems with grooming, because molting is extremely rare for this cat. However, the stage of growing up does not last until a year, but up to two years, but is it bad that your pet would be a playful kitten for a little longer? The Toyger is an affectionate and playful breed that loves to spend time with its owners. Therefore, if you are often not at home, then it is better not to waste money on such a cat, but get a pet that sometimes does not mind being alone.


rare expensive cats

Peterbald is a rare and expensive cat breeds that as a previous one costs $5,000. It is not a hypoallergenic breed despite the absence of a coat. It’s hard not to notice the similarities with the Sphynx, but Peterbald is smaller. If you are an introvert then you should probably consider a different breed because this one would try to spend time with you all the time. In their cases, clingy is only a feature of temperament, and it is difficult to recognize when it turns into a problem. Learning through play would be more successful than other methods. It is also important to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house where this breed lives.

Russian Blue

types of expensive cats

Russian Blue is also one of the most expensive domestic cat breeds which can be cost $3,000, but if you don’t want to take part in show, you also can find it for $600. This breed is made from contradictions, because with their obedience and love for the owner, they can often demonstrate character. It easily gets along with small children, other cats, but it is difficult for them to make friends with dogs. It is difficult to imagine, but we might not know about this breed, since in the 40s of the twentieth century it was on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, the population was restored in the 90s.

American Wirehair

top expensive cat breeds

American Wirehairs are populous but at the same time rare expensive cats, and they cost near $1,200. Such a cat would be able to cope with forced loneliness, but your long and frequent absence is undesirable. They also love to hunt, so if you live in a private house, then be prepared for “gifts” in the form of birds and rodents. Caring for this breed would not bring you any problems, but you need to closely monitor their daily diet, as American Wirehair is prone to obesity. Your pet would not be intrusive, but it would also be glad if you take a little time for it.

Selkirk Rex

rare and expensive cat breeds

And the last one in our list of the most expensive cats is Selkirk Rex, and it may cost $800. Its coat is often compared to that of a poodle or sheep, so it should be cared for regularly as recommended by your veterinarian. This is an affectionate, kind and curious breed that loves affection and play with its owner. It is difficult to scare it, so your pet would not hide under the sofa from strangers entering your house or harsh noises. Teaching it to do something is much easier because of its calm and level-headed personality. However, do not train too often – once a day would be enough.

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