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My Indoor Cat is Missing: What Actions Should Be Taken Immediately

Aug.02.2021 171
How to Find a Lost Cat

Unfortunately, cats can go too far from home. The reasons may be completely different, but most often the answer to the question of why cats disappear is one: animals are attracted outside the home by the “basic instinct”.

As a rule, in the area of ​​March, cats and cats leave the house in search of a pair, after which they may simply not return. You may think about sterilization. This can be explained by different things – the animal can be picked up by other owners, it can bring kittens and stay with them, or, unfortunately, it can be killed, which very often happens in large cities.

The second most common reason cats go missing is due to a different instinct – cats can run away in pursuit of prey. The consequences of such an escape are similar: the animal may not return home, and it would be very difficult to find it. If you find that your cat is not at home, then you need to act immediately. Consider your pet’s habits and personality when searching.

If an indoor cat is lost outside, then it would be close to the house. For example, hide in bushes or another cover. It is necessary to bypass the nearby territory and carefully review all the places suitable for shelter. Pets get scared for the first time on the street. They are cowardly and quiet. They don’t even react to the owner’s voice.

The food would also not attract the attention of the animal or force it to leave the shelter. Due to severe stress, cats can hiss a lot and behave extremely aggressively. If you immediately go in search, you may find a missing cat quickly. Jumping out of a window or balcony, the pet would not run anywhere but would hide not far from the landing site. But with pets that went out for a walk on their own, everything is a little more complicated.

Most cats prefer to walk close to home. However, instincts can take their toll. For example, exploring new territories, looking for water or food can force the animal to move to new places. Also, the chase of an aggressive animal can make a pet run far from home. If your cat likes to walk so much, then teach it to walk on a leash. Then you do not need to be afraid that the pet would run away. However, what to do if you lost your cat? Let’s figure it out!

How to Find a Lost Cat and How to Prevent It in the Future?

How to Find a Lost Cat

We prepare useful tips for finding a lost cat and bring it home.

  • You would need a large cardboard box. Turn it over. Cut a hole in the side about the size of your cat and place it outdoors with soft bedding. Lower the bottom so the cat can return to safety. By the way, keep food and water in it.
  • This may surprise you, but the best time to search is 2-3 a.m. You can take a few cans of cat food with you, open the cans in an open area, or shake the cans of snacks. Some owners recorded the sound of opening the cans on the phone and played the recording until their cat came to the sound. It is one of the ways to find a lost cat in the first two days.
  • Make flyers and social media posts “help me find my cat”. Choose a photo where your pet is clearly visible or some of its distinctive features, also promise a reward to the finder. Place these flyers wherever you can. Also, duplicate text and photos on the Internet and ask caring people to repost. You can also take pictures and ask around the neighbors, postman, children, etc. By the way, do not forget to draw up a map of the places where the flyers were posted and check them regularly.
  • Be sure to inform your veterinarian. If you have recently moved, check your old address as well.
  • Where to look for a lost cat? Examine the trees on your property. Perhaps the cat has climbed there and is afraid to get off.

How to Find a Lost Cat with a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny device, that a licensed veterinarian implants under your pet’s skin. The chip has a unique serial number and can be tested with a microchip scanner. To implant a microchip in your cat, you need to register with a microchip company. This is usually done online or over the phone. So my indoor cat is missing, how do I track it with a microchip? You do not. However, microchips cannot be removed and would not be lost or damaged. They can accompany your pet for life. If your missing cat would be in a vet clinic or a shelter, there a chip would be scanned and contact you. What do you need to do?

  • Contact the company that deals with the microchip online or by phone, provide the microchip number. This way you can find out if someone has pierced your pet’s microchip. If it was installed by previous owners and you do not have a serial number, then contact them or your veterinarian to get it.
  • Expect a call. If before you did not pick up the phone when an unknown number called, now you should. In 40% of cases, shelters find stray animals and scan them for microchips. Perhaps someone would pick up your pet as well.
  • Be patient. The search for a cat can be delayed indefinitely. However, believing in the best would keep you from getting depressed.

Lost Indoor Cat: Tips to Prevent It

Lost Indoor Cat: Tips to Prevent It

Try to follow simple rules and then the risk of losing your cat would be minimized.

  • Train your cat to respond to its name. 
  • Place screens on the windows. In cities, a huge number of cats jump out or fall out of windows. If you open windows, close the cat in another room or bathroom.
  • If there is an activity in your home that often involves opening the front door, watch out for your cat. Lock it up for a while in a separate room or bathroom. You can even put it in a carrier.
  • In no case do not carry the cat down the street just in your hands, no matter how obedient it may be. The pet may get scared by unfamiliar surroundings and run away.
  • Do not talk to anyone across the threshold when the door is open. The cat can slip past you completely unnoticed.

We hope that you would never lose a cat. But if it happens, do not forget our tips. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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