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Funny Cat Names: How To Choose the Right One?

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Determining the names is the funniest moment when you decide to get a cat. Some people want to pick up a cat or buy it to be able to give it a funny and memorable name. Because if you, for example, wanted to take a cat from the shelter, most of the boarders have the names they are used to. And renaming for an adult cat is not an easy task. It may not react to the new nickname or this process may take a long time.

But you know it is not as easy as it looks. Especially, if the breed of your chosen one is noble and its appearance has nothing to do with jokes and laughter. Then the task becomes more complicated.

And so, a new fluffy friend appeared in your family and you start the process of finding the best cat names for it. Where should you start and what to pay attention to when you choose a name for a cat.

Good Names for Cats: How To Choose?

good names for cats

According to long years of cat owners’ experience and taking into account cat preferences, the best cat’s names should have two or maximum three syllables in the word. This rule will make it easier for your kitten to remember the name and you’ll be able to get your pet’s attention more quickly.

Long names are beautiful but not always practical, will you say yes? But if you want to, you can find a compromise and give your cat a long name but choose one so that you can easily create a simple form from it. These can be the following names: Arnold (Arnie), Archibald (Archie), Wellington (Well), Darth Vader (Darth or Dark), Christopher (Chris), Richmond (Rich), Leonard (Leo), etc.

When you choose a name for your pet you should know how cats perceive different sounds. For example, you should avoid funny animal names that contain hissing sounds. Such combinations scare away the fluffy ones. If you choose such combinations in the name, then don’t be surprised that your cat will be afraid and press its ears every time you call it. The fact is that hissing sounds are associated with aggression and danger. Just remember how cats hiss when they protect themselves or their territory.

Cats better perceive names that have whistling and purring sounds (which resemble cat purring). The whistling sounds are good because they resonate with a mouse squeak and they attract the attention of fluffy hunters.

If you’ve been dreaming of giving your friend a name that contains a hissing syllable for a long time, you can balance it out with purring or whistling sounds – and the problem is solved.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Awesome Cat Names?

Firstly, a good hint can be your first impression of a meeting with a kitten. This may be a feature of the color of its fur. He or she can be red, white, black, gray (or ashy), tri-color, beige, striped, with turtle color, spotted. The cat may have an expressive color of eyes or funny shape of ears (nose). It may also remind you of another animal or cartoon character, the protagonist of your favorite movie.

Funny cat names: Strip, Spotty, Arabica, Bianca (Blanca), Pinky, Shadow, Blackie, Peach, Brownie, Choco, Shiny, Smoky.

All names that are associated with phenomena or colors, hues.

Secondly, it often happens that if you buy a pedigree pet from a noble family, it may already have a name in its vet passport. But if a pedigree cat is not going to participate in exhibitions in the future, you can choose the name yourself.

If your kitten is a British breed, you can choose an aristocratic nickname for it, for example, Sherlock, George, Churchill, Albert, Oxford, London, Benedict, Oswald, Ariadne, Isaura, Empire, Unique, Cersei, Dani, Winston.

Maybe your kitten comes from Asia or Egypt then you can consider the following funny kitten names – Bagira, Lillo, Paris, Jamaica, Sphinx, Nile, Cairo, Persse, Luxor, Delhi, Abu, Felix, Cleopatra, India, Wasabi, Sakura, Simba, Malta, Packo, Amir, Raj, Melissa, Relax, and Cheka.

The third is the nature of the cat and the peculiarities of cat behavior. They will best describe and complement the uniqueness of your cat.

A few more cat names if you don’t come up with something special – Tiger, Tsunami, Cookie, Lazy, Fatty, Pirate, Button, Basilio, Narcissus, Messi, Queen, Threat, Umka, Simon, Bounty, Killke, Elvis, Hulk, Zorro, Bounty, Homer, Doodle, Vinnie, Dudley.

As you can see the number of funniest names for cats is infinite. You must understand that your cat is special and not like the others, so take this issue seriously.

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