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List of Fun Games to Play with Your Cat: Find Out What Do You Need and How to Play

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Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand the behavior of our furry pets. However, this is a doable task. Do cats like to play? Yes, especially when they are bored. In addition, good cat games are a necessity, because cats become overweight due to a lack of mobility. Games can be varied and bring a lot of pleasure to both the animal and its owner. By the way, there are a lot of special toys on the shelves of pet stores. They are specially designed for animals from safe materials, so you don’t have to worry that the cat may injure or poison itself. We prepared a list of popular cat games. Please your pet and have fun.

How to Play with a Cat?

Remember that games should not last for hours, 5-15 minutes is enough. However, it should be done every day. 15 minutes to devote to your pet is not so much, is it? With age, cats become less playful, but this factor also largely depends on the breed. For example, the Sphinxes, Egyptian Mau, and Siamese breeds remain playful until old age. But no matter what age or breed your pet would be, you must pay attention to it. More preferable for it would be those games that mimic the behavior of prey. Why exactly that games to play with cats better than others? Cats have a well-developed hunting instinct and these games will definitely interest them. Playing with an animal helps to maintain the good physical condition of the cat. It allows not only to have fun but also to establish friendships with the pet, teach the cat to communicate with people and other animals. If your pet feels care and attention, it becomes affectionate and calm. Also, it does not show aggression and spoil your furniture.

What Do Cats Like to Play with?

Games to play with your cat

While playing with the cat, you can use anything: special toys, a small rope or stick, a luminous pointer, etc. Your goal is to get your pet interested and involved in the game. Therefore, we have prepared the best cat games that your pet may enjoy.



Secure cat’s favorite toy with a long rope. It doesn’t have to be a fish. Let your cat jump and reach for the toy. This game is absolutely safe, as no one can get hurt during the fun. Finally, let your pet catch the “fish”. This way it will not lose interest in the game next time. The toy with the rope should be stored in a safe place out of the reach of the cat. Otherwise, the pet may gnaw and spoil it. Such easy cat games help to spend extra energy and become calm.

Hide and Seek

The game can be not only fun but also training. What do you think the game “Hide and Seek” can teach your pet? Firstly, respond to its name. Secondly, find you. If you have not played such games before, then it is better to start at lunchtime. Call your cat and wait until it comes to you. Then complicate the task: call it from another room. Be sure to reward your pet with its favorite treats after a successful round in the game.

Clockwork Mouse

Clockwork Mouse

Buy any moving toy from the pet store. It will be interesting for your cat to be in the role of a hunter, and to run after it. Such fun games to play with your cat can help to wean it from biting and scratching your feet as you walk. However, pay attention to the material from which the toy is made. It must be covered with safe paint for animals.

Free the Princess from the Castle

We’ve all heard tales where a handsome prince rescues a princess from a castle, haven’t we? But what if the cat is offered to save its favorite toys and delicacies from captivity? To do this, you need a cardboard box. Cut a few holes in it so your cat can get in and out of it. Place toys, treats, and catnip in there. Close the box and seal the lid so it cannot be opened. Place the box on the ground next to the cat, and watch as it releases the treasures inside.

Light Game

Light Game

Cat and kittens games can surprise you. Buy a simple laser pointer and your pet would love it. Point it at the wall and the cat will try to catch the light. However, you need to be careful with this game. The cat may have a feeling of dissatisfaction. To avoid this, transfer the light of the beam to a pet treat or favorite toy to distract its attention in time. We also advise you not to play indoors, where many obstacles and sharp corners, as the cat may get hurt.

Have you tried playing any of the games with your pet? If so, share in the comments. Each pet can have its own favorite game, you just need to find it. Be considerate of your pets. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Updates will appear on the pages of our blog very soon, do not miss them!

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