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How to Grow Cat Grass and Take Care of Grass: All Useful Tips in One Article

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The diet of a domestic cat must be supplemented with healthy products, among which greens stand out. The owners often notice what a magnetic property indoor flowers and plants have for pets. By the way, we have already discussed why cats eat grass. You can grow grass for cats from special seeds at home.

What Is Cat Grass?

It is a mixture of herbs commonly grown. The most common types of cat grass are wheatgrass, barley, oats, and rye. It is also a popular digestive aid in cats. Experts claim that the life of street cats is extended by the consumption of grass. So, cat grass care is not a myth. Pets, using their sense of smell, can distinguish herbs and eat what they need. However, be careful anyway so that your cat doesn’t taste dangerous grass.

How to Grow Cat Grass?

growing cat grass indoors

Garden or pet stores sell special grass seeds for cats. You can also plant oats, barley, wheat, and rye. The green shoots of these cereals are very popular. Another option is to buy already sprouted grass at a pet store. You only need to water it to make it grow.

Growing Cat Grass Indoors

For cultivation, you will need a pack of seeds, soil, and a small container. As the soil, a regular composition for germinating flowers is suitable. Take a lightweight soil, not overloaded with fertilizers.

  • Before planting, the seeds are soaked for an hour in warm water. This will speed up their germination.
  • The container is filled with soil, but not to the very top.
  • Prepared seeds are poured onto the ground.
  • From above they are covered with a thin layer of earth.
  • The seeds can also be grown in vermiculite. For this, the substrate is soaked for an hour along with the planting material.
  • The seeds planted in the ground moisten, vermiculite is enough just to sprinkle with water.
  • Now we need to create a greenhouse effect. The growing pot is covered with transparent cling film. You can use a plastic bag.
  • For the grass to hatch, it is moved to a warm place, for example, near a battery.
  • After 2-3 days, the first shoots of grass will appear above the ground. The greenhouse is removed only for 4-5 days. Moisten the substrate in time.
  • The pet is allowed to nibble on the treat a week after disembarkation. It iThe cat should be eaten directly from the garden. A broken shoot withers quickly.
  • You need to sow seeds once a week, then the animal will be supplied with a vitamin supplement constantly.

How long does it take for cat grass to grow? The whole process takes 10-14 days.

Cat Grass Growing without Soil

Cat grass seeds germinate well even without soil. For this method, you will need gauze or bandage.

  • Take a plastic container and make drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Seeds are soaked in warm water for 1-2 hours before germination.
  • Gauze or bandage is rolled up in 2-3 layers, moistened. Gauze or bandage is lined at the bottom of the plate, seeds are placed on top and covered with another layer of wet gauze or bandage.
  • Keep the container in a warm place, periodically adding water.

How to Take Care of Cat Grass?

cat grass care

Use these tips to keep your grass growing for as long as possible:

  • Your cat will chew on cat grass but it’s best to prune at least one inch every two weeks to keep the leaves from tipping over.
  • Transplant your cat’s grass seeds over time to ensure healthy and fresh growth.
  • Check the grass regularly for pests. Make sure your herb is free of them and diseases such as aphids, slugs, and white worms.
  • Cat grass shelter can inhibit weeds from choking off, which will compete with your grass’s natural resources and inhibit its growth.
  • Water your cat grass only after the topsoil is dry to keep the plants from getting wet. Over-watering can cause mold.

The benefits of the grass for cats have been proven many times. So, don’t be afraid that it can harm your pet. Provide your furry friend with a supply of green vitamins all year. Does your cat love to eat grass? Share in the comments. If you have some questions about this topic, please, ask us. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Stay tuned for updates on the pages of our blog. See you very soon!

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