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Hairless Cat Breeds: Freaks or Beauty Inside?

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If we showed you photos of two different cats with hair and hairless – which cat’s representative did you prefer and why? We are used to the fact that cats are fluffy and cute creatures. Some of them have very long hair, such as Persian or Siberian cats. Fluffy fur is the general attribute that attracts the eye and makes you want to touch and pet the cat, do you agree?

But there is also a category of people who hunt for small and hairless kittens and consider them divine creatures. If you still don’t know any cat without hair except the Sphinx then this article is for you.

What Are the Hairless Cat Breeds?

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Petersburg Sphinx Is a Cute Hairless Cat That Loves Communication

These unreal cats saw the world for the first time in the north of Russia (in St. Petersburg) thanks to a female felinologist – Olga Mironova. She tried to conduct an experiment and combined the genes of Oriental cat and Don Sphynx. In consequence, charming kittens were born which were recognized by international breeding organizations.

Peterbalds have external data of Oriental cat breeds that have no fur. But there is one interesting fact: Peterbald kittens are divided into several other subspecies (flock, naked, straight hair, velour, brush-point, brush). This is due to the fact that not all representatives of this breed are born absolutely bald. Some may have a 2-millimeter wool cover; others grow only on the face, paws, and ears.

Bambino – A Cat With No Hair

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Very funny and playful hairless cat breed. Bambino parents are Canadian Sphynx and Munchkin. Bald kittens with short paws have emerged as a result of their great love. Such cats have velvet skin (some call them suede cats) and the character of a monkey. They are very inquisitive, active, and friendly. Their short limbs don’t prevent them from exploring the surrounding world and climbing on low surfaces.

Ukrainian Levkoy

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You can hardly confuse this cute hairless cat with anyone else. The first word of the name of the breed speaks about the country where the breed first appeared. Another word “Levkoy” is the name of the plant, which has the same shape as the unusual ears of the Ukrainian cat.

P.S. “Levkoy” is Gillyflowers in English.

This breed is the result of mating the Don Sphinx and Scottish Lap Cat. These furless cats have an unusual appearance: oval chest, almond-shaped eyes, flat skull, low forehead, hanging ears. After this description, you probably didn’t present a very attractive picture. But believe me, in these clear cheekbones and muscular legs there are aristocratic and graceful features.

Perhaps you’ve seen curly cats before? Well, Devon-Rexes and Cornish Rexes are representatives of curly breeds, which also belong to hairless cat breeds. Just imagine, before people thought these unusual kittens were sick and massacred them.

But over time, curly cats began to appear more often and didn’t cause more suspicion. An interesting fact – if the individuals of these two breeds to mate with each other, their offspring will have straight hair without curls.

Are Hairless Cats Good Pets?

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This is the most common question that arises when seeing cats without hair. In fact, many people note that they have formidable (surly) features that don’t cause any desire to come up and pet a cat or kitten.

But all this just at first glance. In this case, looks can be deceiving. All owners of “bald” cats note their friendliness and loyalty. Probably, it will sound strange, but these cats are very similar to dogs in their behavior and character. It is not for nothing that the representatives of hairless cats are considered the smartest cats breed.

They are very attached to all family members but the one who spends the most time with them deserves a special relationship.

How To Care for a Hairless Cat?

These cats not only have a special appearance but also require special care. So if you are a busy person who hasn’t time for yourself, you should abandon buying a cat with no hair. We will give you several reasons “why?”

  • Bald cats become dirty very quickly, which means you need to wipe their skin several times during the day.
  • They have reacted badly to the cold. So they’ll be more likely to be near batteries and heaters (you need to make sure your cat doesn’t get burnt).
  • Their skin is vulnerable to sunlight.

Despite the above-mentioned shortcomings, bald creatures are very loyal comrades. So, if you have the opportunity and time to keep a bald cat, why not?

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