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Happy New Year!

Dec.31.2020 285
greeting for thecoolcatsclub

Well, the most unpredictable and strange year is coming to an end and we are ready to summarize.

Thanks to this year, our cats are finally seeing more of us at home (or rather, thanks to the coronavirus and the worldwide pandemic). How nice that we stopped hiding from our pets behind the door and started moving around the apartment quietly. After all, all the cats are convinced that we’re not going anywhere but just standing under the door all day, isn’t that funny?

We realized how important it is to watch our health and how easy it is to lose your life just by not wearing a mask or not washing your hands after the street.

Each of us has rethought our life values and reassessed priorities.

We are very happy to know that you, our reader, are a responsible owner of not only your own life but also took responsibility for the welfare of your furry companion (or just thinking about it).

Our team wishes good health, lots of energy, love, and happiness to all caring and kind hearts that read us!

Let the New Year be new not only in words. Be brave, affectionate, and fluffy! Happy New Year, your thecoolcatsclub!

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