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He and She: What’s the Difference?

Jul.18.2020 203
cat - he or she - what is better

All of us can often hear arguments about “who will be the best friend and companion in the house – cat (girl) or cat (boy)?” Each owner of a fluffy pet furiously protects his pet and pointing out the problems and shortcomings of the opposite sex. However, the ideal cat (he or she) doesn’t exist.

They all have both their imperfections and positive aspects. Kittens – boys and girls – are no different from each other. They are equally curious, shy, and playful. What changes when they become older?

Girls Ahead!

cats' gender - differences of behavior
  • Compared to boys, ladies are gentler and softer, they become full members of the family and enjoy playing with toys and receiving signs of attention.
  • The little girl-kitten is more playful and always wants people’s attention. If he is interested in exploring the surrounding area, cats-girls are trying to establish good and warm relationships with all of the family members.
  • She always knows what they need and achieves this with softness and kissing rather than going against everything.
  • Females are expectant mothers, which makes them more responsible than cats. As a rule, cats are excellent hunters who take care not only of their offspring but also of humans.
  • “Girls” don’t mark the area, but they scream piercingly during the leak. Calming and hormonal drugs are not good for her health and psyche, so if you’re not going to knit your cat it’s best to neuter her.
  • And finally, the main difference from males is the absence of dominant behavior. “Girls” are more compliant. Prefer to manipulate a person with caress.

The Cat Is Its Own Boss

male cat
  • “Boys” have more territory than “girls”, and they bypass it every day. Everything within the territory belongs to a male cat.
  • He is independent, brave, and active and he will become a loyal friend and companion if you set the framework and rules at once.
  • Another feature of the male character is his curiosity (he will not feel completely satisfied if he does not explore all the corners and dark lockers, will not climb a dozen times in all baskets, bags, and boxes).
  • Arrogant and proud, the cat-boy will behave very independently. He doesn’t recognize gentle hugs and purring in the lap of his mistress, he comes only when he wants to.
  • Aggression and domination. If a “girl” acts cunningly, rubbing in trust, the cat demands and wins back a treat (place, toy) impudence and persistence.
  • The main unpleasant moment of having a cat in the house – he marks his territory. It is impossible to dissuade him from this habit – he always follows his instincts despite punishment or quarrels with his owners.
  • Some “cat-boys” owners solve the problem very simply – castrate the pet. After this procedure, some of them become lazy, calm, serene, and of course, can’t have offspring.
female cats' behavior

Finally, each animal is an individual. Among females there are robbers, and among males – lazy phlegmatic. But by nature boys are leaders, girls are caring mothers.

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