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Healthy Cat Weight

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Cats are very active animals. They move frequently and intensively in search of food as well as other predators. But domestic cats have some limitations to reach their energy potential.

And this often leads to overweight. Because cats have two factors for this – unlimited access to food (we don’t talk about those hosts who forget to feed their cats at all); small space for gambling and various activities. Cats rarely spend all the calories they eat in a day. And on top of that, they sleep most of their lives – not bad, right?

And so there is a risk of obesity as well as people and there is a reason to talk about a healthy weight for a cat.

Overweight is not only not beautiful but also harmful to any living organism. It is the load on the internal organs, the risk of heart disease, musculoskeletal system; the excess weight affects the well-being (the cat gets breathless, it is difficult to move its body).

Healthy Cat Weight – What Does It Depend On?

obesity in cats risks

We can’t call a cat healthy weight the same for all cats – it’s not right or logical. People also have certain parameters that determine the allowable weight norms for different sexes, ages, human height, etc.

The Main Criteria on Which To Determine the Healthy Weight for Adult Cats

A Cat Breed

It is one of the main indicators of how much a cat should weigh. There are huge/massive breeds of cats for which the average weight of 8-10 kg is the norm. British cats, Maine Coons, Siberian cats, Norwegian Forest Cats are those breeds of cats that can’t weigh less because it can also be dangerous for their health. The relatively high weight of these cats is not an indication of cat obesity problems.

But, for example, 4-4.5 kg (and even 3 kg) may indicate obesity in Munchkin or Singapore Cat.

Sex and Age

It is another criterion for a healthy-weight cat.

Usually, the weight of a growing kitten (5-6 months) is not taken into account. The animal is growing and developing and is in the process of forming/executing its genetic program.

A female cat and a male of the same breed should weigh differently. Males weigh by a factor of 1.5 or two times more than females and this will not be a sign that the cat risks being obese.

In addition, there is a myth that sterilized or neutered animals should weigh more than those who have not performed such manipulations. But this is not the case, sterilization is not like obesity. On the contrary, these cats should consume slightly fewer calories per day. Sterilized/castrated cats should eat about third fewer calories than other domestic cats to maintain their body weight tolerance.

What Is a Healthy Weight for a Cat – How To Understand?

As we mentioned above, the healthy weight of kittens and older cats is most often not taken into account. It is much more important to follow the body of an adult and a formed cat.

What Is a Healthy Cat Weight for an Adult?

healthy cat weight

If you notice that your cat has started to put on weight and you don’t know if you should go to the veterinarian for the result. You can check if everything is ok with the healthy cat weight chart yourself. In order to determine the normal and healthy cat weight, you will need your cat, your hands, and our guide.

Excessive Thinness in Cats

This is when you can clearly see/feel the number of ribs under your cat’s fur. Extremely small amounts of adipose tissue and muscle mass. These signs indicate that your cat is exhausted and can be dangerous to the cat’s life.

Weight Is Low (Below Normal)

In this case, the ribs and spine are not so visible. You can easily feel them through the thin and dull skin of an animal. If you look at your pet from the side you will see a tightly tucked belly to the spine; from above you will see a very narrow and pronounced ‘waist’.

The Normal Weight of the Cat’s Body

Your cat has no extra folds in the groin, abdomen. On the contrary, you can clearly see the muscles on the extremities of the animal, they are elastic and in good form. The waist is visible and the stomach is not sagging. The pet is active, it is in a great mood, and there is no breath.

The Appearance of Excess Weight

If during palpation you cannot feel the chest of the cat without exertion; you see a hanging stomach, the waist is merged with the body. These are all signs that your cat is close to being obese. You’re more likely to find fat deposits at the base of the tail, on the chest, and on thighs.


This condition is difficult to confuse or not notice. Such a cat looks like a shapeless ball of wool. There is no waist, the cat barely moves, often falls on its side. The chest and abdomen are the same widths.

Keep fit and watch the waist of your cat!

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