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Himalayan Cat Personality

Jan.14.2021 1536

The heroes of today’s article are a breed of cat that is often confused with the Persian because of their long and fluffy coat.

As you have already guessed we are talking about the Himalayan cat breed. This actually has nothing to do with the highest mountain system on Earth.

Today, our task is to find out the features of this breed and other interesting Himalayan cats’ info.

What Is a Himalayan Cat?

himalayan cat breed

As we pointed out above, Himalayan cats did not come down from the highest mountains, which are located in India and Nepal. These beautiful cats got their name after a rare, unique, ancient, and eponymous breed of rabbits.

Himalayan cats have the same unusual coloring – dark ears, muzzle, and paws against a light-colored torso.

But Himalayan rabbits were just the inhabitants of the Middle East according to many stories.

What Does a Himalayan Cat Look Like?

If you show a Himalayan cat and ask an unfamiliar person what kind of cat breed is in front of him, he is more likely to call it a Persian cat. And there is nothing surprising here because these two breeds are indeed very similar. Moreover, the Persian cat is the direct parent of the Himalayan cat, so the mistake is more than justified.

Persian and Siamese cats are those breeds that were crossed for the breeding of the Himalayan cat. Breeders set out to breed a new and beautiful breed that would have charming blue eyes and colors like the Siamese cats and a fluffy, long coat like the Persian cats. And as a result of ten years of trying, the world saw a whole new and wonderful breed of cat that conquered the world with its looks and friendly personality.

Himalayan Cat Characteristics

himalayan cat

Himalayan cats have a strong and broad torso. Their powerful shoulders, massive chest, and back are especially worth mentioning. All this stocky body is supported by fairly short and powerful paws. Therefore, Himalayan cats are not very bouncy. But you won’t confuse such an unusual appearance with any other cat breed.

The ears of the Himalayans are small and rounded at the tips. They are low and wide.

It is also worth noting that they are owners of the large and very fluffy tail.

The neck is short and the head in proportion to the body. In addition, their eyes deserve special attention. They are owners of large, round and blue eyes of different shades, as well as their Siamese relatives.

Their final color they acquire only by the age of 3 years. And the color of their points depends on the main color, which usually has a white or cream shade. Therefore, the color of the muzzle, paws, and ears varies from blue and purple to dark brown and red.

To them, the so-called “mask” on the face is the trademark of the breed. It should have a clear outline and not extend to the “cleavage” area. Although breeders admit that kittens are born with a stretched and indistinct pattern. This is an indicator of the norm of the Himalayan breed.

How Big Himalayan Do Cats Get?

Himalayans definitely aren’t candidates for the title of the tallest cat breed, but nevertheless, their height at the withers is 25 to 30 cm. And besides, the long and fluffy fur adds to their overall appearance of massive and majestic.

The weight of an adult Himalayan cat is 3 to 6 kilograms, depending on the sex of the cat.

Himalayan Cat Personality

what is himalayan cat breed

Himalayan kittens are said to take all the best from their parents – curiosity from Siamese cats and sassy/steady, calm nature from Persian cats.

All who are happy owners of Himalayan cats say that these fluffy lumps are very attached to their owners and home. The lap of the owner is their favorite place to rest. They like to be stroked and tolerate the procedure of combing the hair.

Also, these affectionate and inquisitive cats are real ponytails that will follow you and enjoy your presence. But in spite of such strong attachment, they can rather calmly bear loneliness and separation from their beloved owners.

Himalayan Cat Temperament

Breeders of Himalayan cats say that these cats are not timid if you come to the guests; most likely they will look at them with interest and will not be afraid to make contact while others are hiding under the couch.

Plus, the Himalayans are not afraid to show their character and show that they do not like something.

Calmness, peacefulness, and kindness are the most striking Himalayan cat personality traits. Don’t be offended if your Himalayan cat reacts lazily to your initiative to play something with him. They are too calm and quiet for such drastic movements.

Himalayan Cat Life Expectancy

Fortunately, the Himalayan breed has no health complaints. Except that some owners may encounter problems that are related to the flat facial structure (discharge from the nose, eyes).

In addition, Himalayans are long-livers and can live up to 16 years with proper nutrition and care.

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