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How Do Animals Improve Human Psychological Health? Cats As Emotional Support Animals

Feb.24.2021 226
how to get an emotional support cat

To begin with, what is exactly pet therapy? Scientists believe that when you communicate with animals it not only reduces anxiety but also strengthens the nervous system, and also increases your immunity. In pet therapy lies the participation of pets in the treatment to prevent various diseases in the future, beginning with cardiovascular diseases and ending by mental disorders.

An analysis of 49 studies concerning pet therapy confirmed great emotional effects of animals on patients with autism, emotional disorders, schizophrenia, depressions, and addictions. “Psychological pets” are called and referred to as “Emotional support animals”.

Their great advantage is that they almost don’t need special training- a rather emotional connection between the pet and its owner. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to buy a special animal, you can choose the one you like at a pet shelter. The limitations of pet therapy are minimal: animal allergy or fear.

How Does It Work and Can Cats Be Emotional Support Animals?

can a cat be a therapy animal

It is believed that animals help balance emotions, be more relaxed, calm, develop trust and self-confidence, improve communication and socialization skills in general. Also, pets relieve loneliness, reduce irritability and anger, help to overcome insomnia, and increase the production of joy hormones.

People assume that cats are less capable of emotional support than other animals, such as dogs. And they often ask how to get a cat registered as an emotional support animal. But experts are sure it isn’t true. Cats are brought to nursing homes, hospitals, schools… And nowadays, special “Cat cafes” are opening more and more often. These animals have a calming effect on the psyche of people, help to forget about troubles in life or work, and normalize sleep since a cat’s presence creates a feeling of security.

Cat is a symbol of home comfort. Not only they are created for eating and sleeping, but they are also considered therapy cats for anxiety. With its warmth, it can relieve pain, promotes psychological relaxation, which has a positive effect on blood pressure.

However, experts say this is most likely due to the general calm of a person. In addition, cats are very sociable and show their benevolence in the form of purring. Did you know that simple stroking helps to relieve excessive statistical stress, from the point of view of the energy field? Zoo psychologists say it is also very important the cat is well-mannered and non-aggressive.

To sum up, cats are amazing and graceful animals, they have their character and charm. And if you have a cat at home, then most likely it is the part of your family and everybody loves it. Don’t think about how to make your cat an emotional support animal because these pets are responsive, kind, and sensitive to those who pay attention to them. They are not as indifferent as we think of them and can sensitively grasp our state: whether we are happy or annoyed.

The data obtained in the course of the new study provides for the first time convincing evidence that cats are sensitive to the manifestation of their emotions by people through facial expressions and gestures. As a result, it was found that animals behave differently depending on whether the owner is smiling at the moment or not. The cats participating in the experiment were much more likely to behave in a positive way if when the owner was smiling.

Then they tried to spend more time together. And on contrast, when the owner was sad, they pulled away. It is quite interesting that with a new person to them cats showed only positive behavior regardless of whether he smiled or not.

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