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How Many Hours Does Cat Sleep a Day?

Jul.19.2020 229
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Cats are widely known as avid sleepy heads. They sleep everywhere from the front porch of the house to the human knees or kitchen table. And they do that a lot. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is – if you will walk into your living room you will see your favorite whisker pet napping with the eyes closed.

It is very important to know how much a cat normally sleeps per day no matter that cats love to sleep so much. Prolonged or reduced sleep could be a sign of illness or sleep disorder.

An adult needs to sleep not less than seven or eight hours per day. This amount is much bigger if we’re talking about a cat. Usually, cats spend from twelve to fourteen hours a day sleeping according to scientists. This amount can vary from ten to fifteen hours per day.

This is an enormous amount of time compared with our pace of life. A cat spends four-fifths of his life in the arms of Morpheus on average. That means that a cat whose life is fifteen years old will be awake only for three or four years.

These numbers are indicative but still, cats spend the great part of their life sleeping. Cats are active in the dark hours of the day. Evening time and the nighttime are their favorite parts of the day to hunt, stalk their imaginary prey, or to explore the environment.

This behavior is dictated by primal instincts which derive their origin from the saber tooth cats and other seminal felines. Lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs often rest in the sun or under the shadow of trees or bushes during the day time and go for a hunt when the sun sinks beneath the horizon.

Only a quarter of the sleeping time refers to deep sleep when a cat sleeps. Cats only nap in the time remaining and can perceive all that’s going on around them. It’s considered bad luck to wake a cat from a deep sleep.

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