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How Often to Change Cat Litter: The Whole Process from Training to Changing a Litter Box

May.03.2021 175
how often to change cat litter

If the cat does not use its litter box, then there may be one of two reasons. You didn’t have the patience to train your pet, or you didn’t clean the cat toilet. Today we will imprison the first reason and discuss the second in more detail. It would be unpleasant for you to even go to the toilet where it smells unpleasant and dirty, right? So why should a cat relieve itself in a dirty place? That is why it is trying to find a cleaner alternative. If you live in a private house and your cat regularly goes out and relieves there, a litter box should be in the house as well. A cat is not a dog and it may not always ask you to go outside. Besides, if the weather is bad, you will hardly kick the cat out into the street. So let’s figure out about litter box maintenance.

How to Train a Kitten to Use the Litter Box

If your kitten has been litter trained by the breeders, you still need to do some training. Since this is a change of place, weaning from the mother cat, and the kitten can experience stress. There are some simple things to remember:

  1. Select a liter due to the size of the kitten. The pet should have a place not only to sit down but also to turn around easily. If the kitten is very small, buy a regular food container. If you buy a big litter for the future, it can cause anxiety. This is only a temporary solution, and as the kitten grows up, you can put a regular litter. There are open and closed litter boxes. However, we recommend the open one for a start, and cleaning the litter box will be easier for you.
  2. Find a place in the house that will not distract your pet and place a litter box there.
  3. Litter box sand. There are different types and you can read about them here. For example, mineral sand. However, it is not suitable for kittens. And there may be difficulties with changing cat litter since it is not disposed of in the sewer system. Wood litter is for cats of all ages but not economical. How often to change cat litter with such sand? Complete replacement every 1-2 days. Recently, silica gel sand has become popular but its high price tag does not suit everyone.
  4. First of all, you should carefully monitor the desires of your pet. This is necessary to predict when it wants to go to the toilet. Veterinarians also advise limiting the movement of the cat during training. It means allowing it to be in the room where the litter is. If your cat hasn’t used the litter box, then you don’t need to scold it. Such a behavior model will not help establish contact and successfully train the pet. You can wipe the floor with a tissue and place it in the litter. Thus, the next time the cat will go for a strong smell. Do not forget to change the kitty litter, or rather the dirty sand in it. For more tips read here.

How Often to Clean Litter Box

litter box sand

Depending on the type of sand, the frequency of its replacement can vary from daily to once every 2-3 weeks:

  • Change the absorbent filler every 1-2 days, remove solid waste after each bowel movement.
  • Lumpy filler is completely replaced once a week, hard lumps are removed as they appear.
  • Silica gel fillers are completely replaced once every 2-3 weeks, hard stools are removed immediately after appearance.
  • The sand is replaced completely once a day.
  • The wood sand is replaced every day, and hard lumps are removed as soon as they appear.

We recommend that you change cat litter with a special fermenting agent at least once a week.

The frequency of spring cleaning is also highly dependent on the quality of the daily cleaning. If the cat’s litter is cleaned up at least twice a day, and new sand is added weekly. Then the spring cleaning can be done once every 2-3 weeks. If the owner does not want to clean every week, a visual inspection of the sand can be carried out. If it is not wet and does not emit an odor, then cleaning can wait. The appearance of even a faint odor is a signal that the litter should be changed immediately.

Best Way to Clean a Litter Box

Keeping the litter box clean will help the cat use only the litter box.

  • Place a small empty container or cat litter bucket.
  • Veterinarians recommend using gloves and a mask when cleaning.
  • Use a scoop available at most pet stores. These scoops have a mesh bottom that captures feces and uses litter well, while the clean litter is fed back into the tray through the holes.
  • Remove any lumps of urine and feces.
  • Add or replace completely sand in the litter box.

Remember we mentioned spring cleaning? So, take advantage of this best way to clean a litter box.

  • Remove used sand.
  • The litter should be thoroughly washed in a sink or under a hose. Some experts recommend washing the litter box once a week, while others recommend doing it once a month.
  • Use a mild detergent or dishwashing liquid that will not leave strong chemical odors on the surface of the litter.
  • Dry it. If you put sand in an undried litter, it will stick together and become unusable.
  • You can now refill new sand.

We hope you enjoy reading our article to the end and it was useful for you. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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