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How To Bond With Cats: Britain Researches and “Meow Talk”

Dec.05.2020 402
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The time has finally come when you can understand your cat! We are sure that you have got along with each other before, but now humanity and cat society have a better chance for full understanding and equal communication.

It would seem that your cat meows almost equally all the time. But it turns out that your fluffy companion is trying to convey important information to you or request each time in a new way. There are no identical cat intonations and universal phrases. There is no information that even the cats themselves understand each other thoroughly.

“Meow Talk” – A New Breakthrough in Communication Between People and Cats or Another Way To Have Fun?

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Probably, you have already heard about the fact that all owners of cats will be able to translate the famous “meow!” from their favorite and understand the exact text of the message.

And it really is! A former employee, an Amazon engineer – Javier Sanchez has developed a very cool smartphone program/application called “Meow Talk”.

It is like Google Translator, which can translate cat songs and phrases into human language. You just turn on the program, record the sound of your cat and artificial intelligence interprets cat “meow” or purr in a human way.

So far, the cat interpreter contains a transcript for 13 main phrases that are related to the basic needs of cats: “feed me”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m hunting”, “I love you”, “let me out”, etc.

The trick is that every host can participate in improving the program. After all, who better knows your fluffy friend than you?

The application was released quite recently and is still in the process of improvement, so you can see different reviews about “Meow Talk”. The average score of the application is 4.3 points on the Google Play Store.

Also, we will be able to witness a new development soon – cat collar. According to Javier, this cat collar will be able to understand the “meowing” of each cat and translate it into a pompous phrase for people at the same time. Cool, isn’t it?

A New Way To Connect With Your Pet

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Another interesting fact was confirmed by British scientists from Sussex and Portsmouth University.

The guys who were researching the behavior and communication of cats with people noticed a very unusual way to ingratiate an animal to yourself.

As it turned out, communication and friendship can start not only with a smile, it is enough just to blink slowly to your pet and it will do the same (in most cases)!

Studies have shown that blinking or narrowing of the eyes (the same as a timely smile) is associated with a sincere smile in cats.

So you have many ways/tools to understand and communicate with your cat more effectively.

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