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How To Care for Cat Paw Pads?

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Humans are not the only ones who need proper care. You’ll be surprised, but the cutest part of the cat’s body – cat toe beans – needs beauty procedures too. These body parts come into contact with the environment most often. In this article, we describe how to take care of your cat’s “hands” and “feet”.

Your tailed pet may have problems that are related to the claws or paw’s pads. It is better to visit a veterinarian from the beginning and make sure that your cat has no fungus and other diseases on the claws.

The first thing that can draw your attention is cracks on the paw’s pads’ skin. The reasons may be different:

  • The cat’s body has an insufficient number of B-group vitamins (B1, B3, and B6); and biotin which regulates the metabolism of proteins and fats.
  • Maybe you didn’t find the right filler for the cat’s litter and it scratches the paw’s soft skin.
  • Cat skin is also vulnerable to dry air.
  • The cat’s body may have a metabolic disorder or liver problems.
  • Often, cat paws may crack due to the chemicals which floor cleaner contains.

Cat Litter Filler and Vitamin Deficiencies Are the Most Common Reasons

how do you moisturize a cat’s skin
  • If you use clay or cement fillers for the cat’s litter box, you should replace them with softer ones (we wrote an article about types of cat litter). They scratch the kitten toe beans and it can breathe the dust which may cause respiratory problems.
  • You can buy an additional source of vitamins from the veterinary store. It can be vitamin A and biotin. But you should know that vitamin A is a fat-soluble element and it would be better if you added half a teaspoon of olive oil to a cat’s meal.

Biotin is contained in a raw egg yolk. You can give an egg yolk to your cat (without egg-white) up to a maximum twice a week. Egg-white prevents the full absorption of biotin. On top of that, you can improve not only the condition of the cat’s pads but also the fur and skin structure.

Also, you can moisten the cat pads with baby cream, Vaseline, or various oils (sesame, sea buckthorn, or olive). Before such therapy, wash your pet’s paws, dry them, and moisturize with cream or oil. Make a massage for your favorite kitty.

Cat Claws

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These are the same modified human nails. What you can do with cat’s claws:

  • Cut the claws. If your cat can easily withstand this procedure, you are very lucky. In general, this ritual can be performed every two weeks. Buy a cat tree or condos and you will not have to cut the claws very often. It is not necessary. It is important to cut only the sharpest tip to avoid damaging the nail structure.
  • Wipe your cat’s paws with a wet sponge from time to time. Cats often lick their paws and there is a risk of getting infections that inhabit the floor. It is best to do this every day, especially if your cat walks outside regularly.
  • You may notice that the fur grows on the cat’s paws too. It should be cut off periodically. Because long fur between cat toes can cause discomfort while walking.

Ideally, you should check the cat’s feet regularly. Watch for changes and seek the help of a veterinarian in cases when you can’t understand how to help your cat.

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