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How To Choose a Cat Tree and Condo

Aug.28.2020 386
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Today we will talk about the problem of all cat owners. Furniture covered in scratches, spoiled wallpaper, and any other interior objects that have fallen under the claws of fluffy creatures. It is meaningless to be angry or scold your pet because this is a natural need of every cat. Let’s consider why cats also like to do manicures:

  • Every skilled predator should have sharp claws to trap prey.
  • It is uncomfortable for a cat to walk with long claws, so the cat has got to shorten it and to get rid of the dead cells of the claws’ stratum corneum.
  • Household furniture is an object that cats want to mark as their territory. The fact is that the glands on the cat’s paws can produce a specific secret. When your cat lets out its claws and scratches the sofa the secret begins to stand out from the glands strongly. You can rest assured, people can’t see or feel these marks.
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  • You may have noticed the time when your cat sharps its claws most often. That’s right, they do it suddenly upon awakening. If you do exercises in the morning then you can understand the cat’s desire to stay awake after a long rest. The process of sharpening is excellent gymnastics and stretching for back and limb muscles.
  • The serious lack of owner attention is the most harmless reason. Your pet misses you so much that it is willing to stretch your disapproving look and shout. Only a few people can react calmly when someone destroys their favorite chair.

How Can You Solve This Problem?

cat scratching post

Maybe you have heard about a procedure where the doctor can make your cat’s feet soft forever? The operation is called onychectomy. During the operation, the doctor deprives the cat of its nails. This is very traumatic for your cat because after this manipulation it has to learn how to walk again. It is terrible, isn’t it?

So we will be humane and tell you about a decent alternative – cat house, tree, and condos. There are a lot of them. We will tell you about the most popular ones:

  • Stationary (vertical, floor) scratching post. This is the standard version of the scratching post when it is tightly mounted on the wall (also, there are corner claw scratchers). Sisal is the main material that covers the place for scratching. It is natural, safe for health, strong, and durable.
  • Classic scratching post – tall cat tree. It is a very comfortable model with a stable pole that is covered with durable jute. The pole can have some kind of plush toy for playing. This is a very comfortable claw scratcher that you can take with you or move as needed.
  • Cat houses. It can be an indoor or an outdoor cat house of different shapes, configurations, and sizes. Modern manufacturers can offer you a huge range of such a kitty condo. They can be wide, in the form of whole game complexes with different levels and transitions. Especially pets like tall cat houses on which they can climb.

Some Tips That Will Help You To Choose the Best Model

  • Don’t buy a low and narrow claw scratcher. You have noticed more than once how the cats sharpen their claws: they stand on their hind legs and sharpen the forelimbs. This is why the high ones at the top.
  • Choose only natural and durable models. The best materials are any kind of natural wood, chipboard, fiberboard, or cardboard.
  • The coating for sharpening has to be made of artificial fur, fabric, sisal, rope, or carpet. They are environmentally friendly and your pet will not hurt its paws.

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