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How To Discipline a Cat?

Aug.20.2020 294
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Does your cat claw at your furniture, or maybe it gnaws at wires and other plastic objects, it urinates in the wrong space, and bite your legs for no reason? If all these actions describe the behavior of your cat, don’t rush to yell at it, and even more, don’t use physical force.

Each cat has its character and an unpredictable mood every day! Many people are sure that cats will never do what they are told to do. They are willful and independent. But what if the cat behaves badly and can we discipline it? Today we will learn how this problem can be solved peacefully through punishment and reward.

The first thing you need to do is to understand the reason why your cat is behaving badly. It is not uncommon for cats to urinate past the cat’s litter or chew on inedible objects because of their health problems.

For example, cats who have problems with their teeth or have gastrointestinal disorders may chew on cardboard or plastic.

If a cat frequently meows in the middle of the night it may be a sign of neural disturbance.

Cats may also behave ugly under the influence of stress or anxiety.

Also, cats mark the area for two reasons:

  • Urinary tract disease;
  • It is marking the area or urinates at other sites because it saw another cat through the window.

And another reason for bad behavior is boredom. Your cat may be trying to get your attention. Your cat might chew the toilet paper or pick up socks from the washing machine. He doesn’t realize that it makes you angry or upset. The cat is just doing something that will ease boredom and distract it.

You can probably guess what to do when bad behavior is associated with infections or other health problems. You should visit a doctor and treat your fluffy friend.

But if it’s all about character and lack of discipline, then we can give you some methods to help your cat wake up.

How To Train Your Cat Without Physical Punishment?

how to train your cat not to bite

The most important nuance to be considered is the moment of punishment. There is no point in punishing or scolding your cat after it has already committed a crime. The cat won’t know what you’re scolding it for. We give the examples below of how you can show the cat, that it is doing something wrong.

  • Use different loud noises
  • Spraying cat with water
  • Use the foil

We have looked through some penalties but it’s also worth mentioning about rewards. It’s a very effective method of education too. Praise, caress your purr every time it doesn’t do anything wrong. Your stroking reminds the kitten of its mother’s tongue. When you praise your kitten it’s best to use hissing and whistling noises.

do cats forgive their owners

And finally, you shouldn’t forget the delicious reward. Use the kitten’s favorite treat as a reward (but not every day). Food reflexes and pleasant associations are produced in cat memory at such a time.

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