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Giving Pills to a Cat: Read All Ways and Find the Best One to Get a Pill by Yourself

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What Is the Best Way to Give Cats Pills

Even the healthiest cat needs to be given pills occasionally. For example, to rid a pet of worms. If the cat gets sick, treatment can become a nightmare for the owner and the cat itself. The reason is that cats hate pills. And it’s not even a bad character, but a rather delicate oral cavity. When it comes to pills, most cats meet their owner fully armed. Therefore, you need to seriously think about how to protect your hands from bites. There is no one-size-fits-all way, only you can choose the best way to give cats pills by trials and mistakes. However, we will help you and describe the most effective methods. Enjoy the reading!

How to Pill a Cat by Yourself?

How to Pill a Cat by Yourself?

First of all, you need to check with your veterinarian if the tablet can be crushed and administered with water. Then, study carefully the possible ways. You need to develop an action plan and prepare everything you need in advance. Ask someone to help, for example, hold the cat so that it does not escape. You should be as calm as possible because your condition has an influence on a pet. If your cat is scared, calm it down first. It’s not enough just to put a pill in a cat’s mouth. It needs to be pushed as deep as possible. If your cat won’t swallow the pill, stroke its neck from top to bottom. This would trigger the swallowing reflex. When you pilling a cat, it would not drink after it. A regular syringe without a needle can help you here. Place it behind the cat’s cheek at the base of the jaw. Inject some water and the cat would swallow it by itself. However, this method is not suitable for everyone, check out other ways to get cats to take pills below.

With Food

If your veterinarian has approved giving a pill with food, be sure to take this opportunity.

Your cat must be hungry. You can hide the pill in your cat’s favorite treats, such as a piece of fish. However, make sure that it is really not visible, otherwise, the cat would immediately understand something wrong and would not eat. Stay close to your pet because you need to make sure the pill is eaten and not spat out. If there are no contraindications, then you can crumble the tablet and mix it with food. This would make it harder for the cat to see a pill and spit it out. Veterinarians consider this easy way to give cats pills is the most widespread and successful.

With Water

If the veterinarian permits, you can try to dissolve the tablet in water. The resulting liquid must be drawn into a syringe and poured into the cat’s mouth. Of course, the syringe must be without a needle. Also, many drugs have analogs already in liquid form. Check this question with your veterinarian, then the tablet would not have to be crushed. It is not necessary to add the medicine to a bowl of water because it is not an effective method of giving pills to a cat. The pet may not drink that water or would definitely not drink it to the bottom.

Pill Poppers

Pill Poppers cat

You can buy pill poppers. What it is? It is a special device in the form of a syringe, where you can put a pill, and press it into the pet’s mouth. You can easily give the pill yourself, but you need to hold the head. While you doing this, place one hand on the cat’s skull and place your thumb and forefinger behind its eyes and cheekbones. Administering a pill to a cat with the other hand. This method is similar to the one you give the pill from your hand. Therefore, give the cat a drink of the medicine. Fill the syringe with water and pour it into the mouth in the same way. The pet would start to swallow water.

If your cat breaks out or tries to scratch you, then ask someone for help. While you are giving the pill, the other person can hold the pet’s paws. You can also wrap the towel tightly around the cat. By the way, do not forget to trim your cat’s nails before taking medication, so you can protect yourself. Speed ​​matters a lot. That is why everything you need should always be at hand. We hope we were able to help you with this not easy task. What is the best way to give a cat a pill in your opinion? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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