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How to Give Liquid medicine to a Difficult Cat by Yourself: 2 Easy Ways

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how to give a cat liquid medicine

We have already discussed how you can give a pill to your cat and we hope that you were able to find the most convenient and safe way for yourself. But how to give a cat liquid medicine? There wouldn’t be many ways here, but there would be helpful tips to help convince your pet that it is not a medicine but a delicious one, and would not cause any stress or other consequences. We are confident that you would easily cope with this task and we will be happy to help you!

How to Give Liquid Medicine to a Difficult Cat?

how to give liquid medicine to a difficult cat

First of all, you should not rush, but think through the whole process to the smallest detail and prepare for each stage responsibly. After all, if your preparation is not successful, a cat won’t take liquid medicine.

Preparatory steps

  • Lay a towel where you are going to give the cat medicine. You would need it later to wrap the cat in it to immobilize it and prevent scratches.
  • Follow the all instructions to prepare the medicine properly. L In many cases, liquid medications need to be shaken well before taking the required dose into a pipette or syringe.
  • Before giving the cat liquid medicine, prepare the cat. Place the cat in the center of the towel with its snout facing you. If your pet resists, you need to wrap it in a towel tightly, and leaving only the head free. So you don’t have to worry about it scratching you.

How to Open a Cat’s Mouth for Liquid Medicine?

To open your pet’s mouth, the pads of the fingers should be near the corners of the cat’s mouth, and the palm itself – on its forehead. Gently press your fingertips inside your mouth, pressing your pet’s upper lips against its teeth. If you are left-handed, use your right hand to open the cat’s mouth and leave your left hand free of medication. This technique would make the cat open its mouth and not bite its own lips. Also, this easy way to give a cat liquid medicine would significantly reduce the risk of being bitten. You can also help to lower the jaw of the pet a little and thereby open its mouth more.

What Is the Best Way to Give a Cat Liquid Medicine?

Pick up the syringe or pipette with your other hand and place its tip directly behind the lower canine teeth with the tongue tilted. Slowly and gently push it into the cat’s mouth, and pour approximately half a milliliter of liquid. Once it enters the mouth, the pet would try to swallow it. Some cats tend to lower their heads when swallowing, so you may need to relax your wrists so that the animal can swallow in a more natural position. When it swallows the first part of the medicine, give it another half. Repeat this process until you give the animal the full needed dose. Don’t forget to encourage a pet after taking medicine. When you need to give it again again, it will make your let more easy-going for this process.

How to Hide Liquid Medicine for Cats?

giving cat liquid medicine

If the method with a syringe or pipette turned out to be ineffective for you, then you should not despair. There is another way we can help you give your pet the medication you need. Let us draw a little analogy with children. They, like pets, do not like to take medicines because of their taste. And if adults understand the need for this, then it is not always possible to convince a child of this. Then you have to come up with more cunning ways, for example, hide them in food. So, can you put liquid medicine in cat food? Yes, the same method would work for your pet, but only with the consent of your veterinarian. You can mix it with wet food. Also, make sure that you only use a small amount of food so that the pet eats all the food without leaving any residue. For some cats, this is really all you have to do, especially if the food is tasty enough to attract it. That is, as you already understood, you need a treat that your pet can never refuse, even if it is not hungry, or try giving the medicine before eating and then simply sprinkling the food if your cat still wants to eat.


cat won't take liquid medicine

If you are not sure if you can do it on your own, then arrange with your veterinarian to give the first dose of medication at the clinic. So you can see the whole process yourself, and repeat it later. However, keep in mind that at home the pet feels safe in its own territory, so it is easier to do it there than in a veterinary clinic, where the cat is only as needed and for regular check-ups.

Knowing how to give a cat liquid medicine by yourself, you can save your pet from unnecessary stress because it would be easier for it to trust you. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, then you can ask someone to help you hold the cat, then your hands would be free. However, this should be someone your pet knows.

Otherwise, a stranger can make your cat feel anxious and make it harder to give medicine. This is also one of the ways you can give pills to an animal (paint them and give them with water), but always consult with your veterinarian if this is possible. Take care of your pet and you may never need to put this knowledge into practice!

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