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Should You Shave Your Cat: Possible Ways and Useful Tips in One Guide

Nov.05.2021 52
how to shave cat

Many people believe that since dogs need regular haircuts, so do cats. However, this is just a myth, because if you regularly take care of your pet’s coat – combing it, unraveling the mats – then your cat’s coat does not need to be trimmed. Even in summer, this is not necessary because, with proper care, the air can circulate, and your pet would not suffer from the heat. Therefore, if you google “how to shave cat”, then it is rather your personal preference. There is also a myth that shaving is the harsh treatment of a cat, but this is not the case. In addition to the fact that, there are times when the veterinarian advises shaving completely or certain areas of the coat. So why shave a cat?

  • If it is already impossible to untangle the mats, hairballs;
  • If you are tired of cat hair loss, shading may reduce the amount of hair in your house;
  • Skin diseases or parasites to ensure access to medicines;
  • Preparing the cat for surgery.

Whatever the reasons you have for shaving a cat’s fur, the main thing is to do it as safely as possible for the animal. The best way is to take your pet to a professional, but if for some reason you want to do it yourself, then in our article you will find detailed instructions and answers to most of your questions!

Is It Safe to Shave a Cat?

As we mentioned above, the best way to shave a cat is to go to the groomer because they know how to shave animals in any circumstances, and your cat would experience a minimum of stress or irritation. If your pet has a complex personality, then at least the first haircut must be outside the house, because you can injure it. In veterinary clinics, it is also possible to use sedatives, and nothing would disturb the psyche of the animal. These drugs are completely safe and have no side effects.

How to Shave Your Cat at Home?

How to Shave Your Cat

Shaving a cat at home can be a problematic task, but getting ready in advance can make the process easier. You need to buy a special tool for small animals because using razor blades can be dangerous. How to shave a cat with mats and without them? In any situation, you need to clean the coat, and you may need a metal comb for this. It may seem strange to you, but a haircut includes not only this process, and you would also need to trim your pet’s nails before the procedure. This would prevent the cat from scratching you. Be sure to check how the animal reacts to the sound of the instrument, and if it gets scared, let it get used to it. Most often, a sedative is used because of the animal’s fear of the sound. Cats are known for their pliable skin, so it would be easier for you to pull it on to avoid possible cuts. It is best to start cutting from top to bottom. If you are not sure that you can do it on your own, then invite a helper who can hold the pet while you make a fashionable hairstyle for your cat.

Other Tips for Shaving a Cat

  • If you fail to unravel the mats, then in no case shave them off. Grasp the end of the fluffy fur and gently slide it on both sides, shaving around and under it. By moving it carefully, you can cut the mat.
  • The coat on the cat’s tail does not grow for a long time, so it is better not to touch it by yourself. They are usually shaved if necessary before surgery.
  • The tool you use to shave your animal should not be hot, so keep an eye on it regularly. If the hot instrument touches the skin, there may be a burn.
  • You do not have to panic fussing, because the pet would feel your mood and would be nervous too. Don’t be afraid to take frequent breaks if your cat is feeling uncomfortable. This would help build trust between you.

Should You Shave Your Cat Like a Lion?

best way to shave a cat

If you intend to go to a professional, then the lion haircut is an excellent and always popular option, but we do not recommend doing it yourself. The fact is that with such a haircut, the hair is shaved off the skin itself and if you have little experience, you can injure your cat. Also, if your cat goes outside regularly, this is a bad option, as the coat protects the skin from sunburn and scratches. Try to find an alternative that you like and that is safe for your pet. The correct and safe approach is always the key to success, so first learn ways to shave your cat, so that later you would not regret your decision. Have you ever cut your cat, or are you just going to? Do not forget to share the photo before and after on social networks, we will also be happy if you mark our page on Instagram. Take care of yourself and your cats!

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