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How To Teach a Kitten To Respond to Its Name?

Jul.03.2020 224
the kitten doesn't respond ti its name

It is important to note that the name you give to your pet should be easy to pronounce. Of course, different abbreviations may appear later, but the original name should sound easy to quickly attract the attention of a fluffy family member. It is better if the nickname consists of two syllables.

So how do you teach a kitten to respond to a nickname? Firstly, you need all family members to name your kitten the same way; otherwise, there is a risk that the pet will just get confused. Secondly, cats are smart enough to understand quickly what you want from them.

Be sure to praise your kitten if he/she responds to you. It is always better to contact your kitten by name before he/she finally understands what his/her name is. Do not use the words «kitten», «baby» (of course, if you did not decide to name your pet like this).

Make sure you call your pet by its name when you caress it. Your kitten’s name should be associated with something nice, so your kitten will remember it more easily. You can also play with your pet with a toy and each time he/she grabs it, you should pronounce his/her name.

kitten's nickname

The most common and effective method is to combine memorization and feeding. However, you should first prepare the feed and then call the kitten.

Put the food in the bowl and get your kitten’s attention by calling his/her name. When the cat arrives, place the food in front of him/her, praise him/her, and repeat the name a few more times. Over time, you’ll be able to learn your pet to come to you by calling him/her

Your kitten will quickly learn to respond to his/her nickname if you follow these simple guidelines.

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