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How To Teach Kitten To Use a Cat Litter?

Jul.04.2020 279
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One of the priorities that comes with a cat in the house is to develop a habit of using cat litter. Sometimes it doesn’t require any effort but in some cases, it may be useful to understand some aspects of cat behavior and maturation.

If a kitten has been adopted from a cattery, it will be easy to teach him/her to use a litter – his/her mother has already given this skill. All you need to do is ask the breeder for some filler for the litter the kitten has been using in the cattery and to use it in its new place. The situation is more difficult with kittens who have been picked up on the street or taken away from their mother early.

Some animals understand everything the first time and then no special effort will be required from the owner but in most cases, it’s not that easy. It is worth getting ready that it will take some time to teach your pet to behave in the right way.

The first problem the owner has to deal with is the stress a cat has because of changing living space. So first, place him/her in a small room and place a litter there.

When a kitten finishes eating, take him/her to the litter and gently massage his/her stomach. As time goes by, he/she will realize what he/she needs to do here.

If your pet relieves himself/herself in the wrong place, don’t scold him/her – a cat will conclude that he/she is punished not for the wrong place but for the act itself; he/she may start defecating secretly, for example, by hiding behind a closet.

Which Place To Choose for a Litter?

It is best to choose a private place where the cat is not disturbed.

If the cat has chosen a place that isn’t comfortable for you then clean it thoroughly, remove any odors and put bowls with food and water there. Because of its cleanliness, cats won’t have a toilet near the place where they eat.

To attract his/her attention to the litter, you may play a little with a filler for litter – it may interest your kitten.

Even if you see rapid progress, don’t forget that cats’ habits are only finally formed by six months. So don’t give your pet total freedom in the house temporarily and try to control the process.

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