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How to Trim Cat Nails: Simple and Straightforward Application Guide for Everyone

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how to trim cat nails

Cats can be more than just kind and fluffy pets. Sometimes they can release their claws and ruin something or even scratch you. What can be the way out of the situation? Last month we already discussed one of the options. These are nail caps for cats. Today we will discuss can you trim the cat’s nails or not. Small spoiler: yes you can. We will tell you why, how often, and when it is best to do this.

Is It Necessary to Trim a Cat’s Claws?

If you didn’t have the patience to train your cat to sharpen its claws on a scratching post, or you don’t have it, then why are you surprised at a shabby sofa and other furniture? However, this is not the only reason that can lead you to such a decision as trimming cat nails, it can also be a prescription from your veterinarian. Are you surprised? The fact is that when cats sharpen their claws they remove old shells but not everyone succeeds. Then you should come to the rescue and cut them off. What can happen if the claws are not trimmed in this case? They can grow in and cause pain and infectious diseases for your pet. So let’s summarize why trim cat claws:

  • to save yourself and your furniture:
  • to remove old shells.

How Often to Cut Cat Nails?

It all depends on how quickly your cat’s claws grow back. However, it is usually worth repeating this procedure every two weeks. Remember that cat claws trim should be done on both the front and hind legs. If your cat will participate in the exhibition, and the time for the manicure has not come yet, then you will have to break the schedule and trim the nails earlier.

Fact for thought! There is an opinion that the claws on the hind legs are not involved in the scrubbing process, so they can be omitted. However, do you want to test this at the cost of your belongings? We don’t think so.

When to Trim Cat Claws?

If you are waiting for us to tell you the exact time, then this will not happen. However, we will of course give a few tips.

  • Choose a time when your cat is calm and relaxed.
  • The best time is when the cat has lost energy and is drowsy.
  • Stick to one time when you repeat the procedure after two weeks.
  • It will be difficult for your cat to sit and wait until you cut off all the claws. So take breaks. Yes, the circumcision time will increase, but this way you can train your cat for the procedure.
  • The best time to create claws can only be created by getting along with your pet.

How to Trim Cat Nails?

trimming cat nails

Indeed, many cats do not like it when their claws are cut. However, most often this is because the person does not know how to cut correctly or did not prepare the pet for this procedure. After all, you must agree that such a process is stressful for both you and the cat. Below is a small guide that will help answer the question: “How should I trim my cat’s nails?

You Need Advice

Before the procedure, be sure to ask your veterinarian for a few tips about the structure of the nails and how long to trim. Also, there are a lot of training videos, check out a few. For example, this one. If you don’t know the basics, how can you not harm your pet? And remember that cutting too quickly and aggressively can cause a cut, as the feet of cats are very sensitive.

Choosing the Right Position for Clipping Cat’s Nails

The real problem may not even be the circumcision process, but the fact that your cat cannot sit in one place for a long time. Once you have your pet comfortably on your lap, you do not need to start the procedure right away. Give him a few minutes to get used to the position. Try to touch the cat’s paws regularly for at least a week so that he gets used to such contact.

Don’t Be Aggressive

You should not swear if your cat breaks loose and does not give a paw. Have you noticed this behavior? Abort the procedure. In such situations, petting, favorite toys, and treats of your pet will help you. Coax the cat so that he has pleasant associations. And then after a couple of such procedures, you will cope much better and faster.

Teamwork Is the Key to Success

How to clip cat nails? It is best if you have an assistant. A family member can hold the pet and pet it. While you cut your cat’s nails. Sounds much simpler, doesn’t it? By the way, almost all veterinarians do this procedure with an assistant. If you are hesitant to do it yourself, you can pay for this service. In this case, you will act as an assistant.

Choose Good Equipment

You can use regular nail clippers, but it is best to buy a special one from the pet store. They are much more convenient and will do their job 100%. It is also good from a hygienic point of view. After all, you do not have to disinfect them after the cat, when you want to trim your nails.

We hope that our article helped you understand how to trim cat claws correctly and safely. Do not be afraid if you are well prepared for this procedure. Didn’t it work the first time? This will happen from the second. The main thing is to take into account your mistakes. Do you cut the claws of the cat yourself or pay the vet? Share in the comments. Thanks for reading to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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