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How To Wean Your Cat From Chewing the Wires

Jul.16.2020 265
why cat chew the wires

Garlands, TV-set wires, computers and telephone wires are always a target for a whisker pet. Cats adore chewing the wires no matter what kind of wire is it or where it is placed. But such behavior carries certain risks for your pet’s health.

Gum, plastic particles, ribbon, paints, and even an electric shock can be fatally dangerous for your pet. A cat can swallow a piece of ribbon or plastic and he can chew a plugged-in wire he can get electrocuted.

The equal interest in chewing the wires among adult cats and kittens is the most interesting part of this common habit. There are numerous reasons why your cat may want to chew the wires and no fewer ways of how to wean your cat from chewing the wires.

Tooth replacement, boredom, game, and attraction of attention are the most common reasons for such behavior among the kittens while the adult cats could be led by other intentions. Oral diseases and the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body of an adult cat could be the reasons for such behavior.

You should take some measures in order to wean your cat from chewing the wires. Such behavior can cause several serious health issues and even death if your cat will chew off the isolation from the plugged-in wire.

First, you will need to find out why exactly your beloved cat has decided to chew the wire. You will need to take preventive measures in order to restrict access to the wires once you do this.

Access restriction is the easiest and the most effective measure you can take. There’re a few simple tips which you can use to keep your pet and your household safe in the future:

  • You can cover the wires with a double-sided tape which will wean your pet from them.
  • Cable-channels will hide the wires from your cat in the most ergonomic and eye candy way.
  • You can wrap cables in the foil which is crunchy and bad-tasted to wean the cat off.
  • Cats hate the smell of citruses so you can sprinkle your wires with citrus essential oil or a fresh juice.
  • You can try to fix the wires with tape at the half-of-meter high. It might work if your cat doesn’t have serious intentions to chew these wires further.
  • You can implement some psychological moves on your cat. Clap your hands loudly or hiss at your cat once he will try to chew the wire.

Maybe the lack of attention is the actual reason why your cat behaves that way. This problem may go away if you will pay more attention to your pet and spend some extra time with him.

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