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Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

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According to statistics provided by the World Health Organization, a huge number of the world’s population (about a third of humanity or 15%) suffer from allergic reactions. Many different allergens are contained in plants, flowers, food additives, fruits, and vegetables (they occur most often).

But almost the most common cause of allergies is an allergy to fur, especially to cat hair. This type of allergy takes an honorable third place among all possible sources.

Hypoallergenic Cats – What Is the Secret and How Do They Differ From Other Cats?

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We already wrote once in our article “I have an allergy to cats. Causes and symptoms” that the coat itself is not the cause of allergy symptoms. Because it doesn’t release any substances potentially harmful to allergic people.

Allergy-Free Cats and Hypoallergenic Cats

Did you know that this is not the same thing? Cats for people with allergies and the term “hypoallergenic” are different categories. First, there are no cats in the world that are completely free of allergens, unfortunately. Hypoallergenic cat breeds are those animals that have fewer allergens than others. And allergic people who dream of having a hairball can find a friend without any harm to its health.

As we said, fluffy fur hasn’t done anything. It’s all about a protein called “Fel D1”, which is contained in a cat’s saliva. Cats are most often very clean and try to keep their bodies clean by licking them. Protein that is present in the saliva gets on the coat and thus is in the air and on all objects that belong to the cat or in places where the cat is most often (or rather everywhere).

Therefore, if you are allergic to this protein but want to get a kitten, you should pay attention to the most hypoallergenic cats breed. This doesn’t guarantee that you’re completely free from the risk of allergy attacks but you have the chance to coexist together without harming your health. However, all of you will need to adhere to certain requirements to minimize the risk of protein exposure to your body. We’ll talk about them a little later, and before that, we’ll tell you about what cat breeds are hypoallergenic.

List of Hypoallergenic Cats

Siberian Cats

best cats for allergies

Siberian cats open our top of the best cats for allergies. At first glance, you may think that these beautiful long-haired cats are the main threat for all allergy sufferers, but this is another myth that we have broken a few lines above.

The body of these massive and luxurious cats produces very little protein which is dangerous for people with allergy attacks. These relatives of wild forest cats are very affectionate and not intrusive cats. We described them in more detail in the article “Siberian cat facts”.

Bald Breeds

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What cats are hypoallergenic? Of course, bald breeds of cats as many can say. And you will be right in this case. And the Canadian sphinx is the best hypoallergenic cat among all bald congeners (Peterbald, Ukrainian Levkoy, Bambino, Don Sphinx). Scientists still can’t explain why Canadian sphinxes have won the championship among the same bald cats.

Unlike all other bald alien cats, Canadian sphinxes are completely without body hair. Even the nose and ear area are absolutely bare. The body of these cute cats can be covered with a short layer of hair only in a certain season.

Canadians are very good-natured, gentle, and smart pets. They have an excellent memory and can memorize many things and follow commands. Also, owners of Canadian sphinxes note their ability to look directly into the eyes of a person, they are a good understanding of words and feel the mood of family members well.

Another interesting fact is that the Canadian Sphinxes are the oldest breed among all bald/naked cats.

Oriental Cats

most hypoallergenic cats

We want to say love to Oriental cats once again because they are not only the most loving and tender creatures but also safe for allergy sufferers. Because their body produces little allergen protein.

Oriental cats are very sophisticated creatures and can give more to love. The only thing they will not forgive you is loneliness and lack of attention.

Lykoi, Devon-Rexes, Balinese cat, Javanese (cat breed from the island of Java), Cornish Rex, Peterbald, Don Sphinx are also breeds that don’t pose a threat to people with protein allergies to Fel D1.

But you should understand that this protein is present in the cat’s body, and you need to keep the apartment clean and all objects that came into contact with your pet. Water procedures for your pet should be at least 2 times a week, and then your union will be safe and comfortable.

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