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Can Cats and Dogs Get Along: Detailed Instructions for Socializing Cats and Dogs

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How to Introduce a Cat to a Puppy

You may think that introducing a dog to a cat is an impossible task. However, with useful tips, it would be easier and faster to do. The only thing that you should immediately understand is that there would not be any miracles – the pets would not make friends from the first second. Do cats get along with dogs?

Yes and no. Only your gradual assistance may help them become closer and possibly friends. You want the result like a thousand videos of a cat and a dog sleeping together and protecting each other, right? Unfortunately, no one can give you a guarantee of such an outcome, because many factors affect here – the age of the pets, their temperaments, the way they meet, etc. We will tell you what you need to do to help your cat get along with your dog.

How to Introduce a Cat to a Puppy?

introducing a dog to a cat

If you have previously read our instructions on how to introduce a kitten to a cat, then you already know the approximate course of action. However, there are still differences. Below we describe simple and effective steps for socializing cats and dogs. If you listen to them, the chances of mutual understanding between your pets will increase.

Step 1

If you did not have any other pets before, then your cat is used to thinking of the house as its safe territory. Any changes are always stressful for the animal and only you can help to cope with it. Therefore, if you immediately allow the dog to move freely around the house, then the cat would be hostile towards the new family member. Before bringing a puppy home to a cat, think about another room where you would temporarily separate it.

If you have the opportunity, install a children’s wicket or other obstacles in the doorway. It would prevent the dog from leaving the room, but through it, the pets would be able to contact. Let your cat get used to the new family member’s scent. Take your old shirt and let the dog sleep on it. Then give this t-shirt to the cat. This would help not to pounce on a friend at a personal meeting.

Step 2

If one of the pets showed interest, then capture the second. In such a way, one pet would not be afraid to sniff a new friend. After all, you cannot predict how the animal would behave. Even the calmest pet can show aggression if it thinks that something is threatening it. Remember that the best way to introduce a dog to a cat is to be patient and let them get used to each other.

Step 3

can cats and dogs get along

During the first cat and puppy introduction, the last one should be on a leash so that you can better control the situation. Take your dog for a run before arranging a meeting with the cat. This would get rid of the excess energy, so the dog would look at the cat noticeably more calmly.

Step 4

Can cats and dogs get along without my presence? Such rare cases exist but less than 1%. You need to be there and provide safety to each pet. Do not position the dog and do not let it become so that it would block the only way out of the room. The cat should have a way of escape if the meeting with the dog is too exciting for him. The feeling of being cornered would only intensify the anxiety of the animal. If the cat needs to run away, having this opportunity may contribute to the appearance of a more relaxed attitude towards subsequent encounters with the dog.

Step 5

Will my cat and dog ever get along after the first meeting? It is difficult to predict a specific time. You should have supervised cat and dog meetings every day. They would probably soon move on to the stage of sniffing each other, but you would need to keep watching over their communication. Increase the duration of the interaction, but still, keep the dog on a leash while the animals continue to get used to each other. The goal is to keep your pets satisfied and relaxed in the company of each other. Each stage takes different periods. So how long does it take for dogs to get used to each other? Nobody can promise an excellent result after one week. Each situation has differences. Usually, a month is enough to move on to the last stage of acquaintance.

Step 6

how long does it take for dogs to get used to each other

Before leaving pets alone, you must make sure that there are no remote animal threats against each other. To do this, you must closely monitor them for at least a month. Over time, you would not be afraid to leave them together, even for a day. However, 15-20 minutes would be enough to get started.
When cats and dogs meeting for the first time, it may be stressful for you too. That is why it is better to be prepared for most situations. If you show patience and do not hurry, everything would be great. If someone coped with such a task, please, share in the comments how it was. Perhaps your experience would help someone. Thank you for reading the article to the end. We will share with you a lot of useful tips in different sections of our blog. So see you soon!

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