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Is My Cat Pregnant?

Nov.20.2020 502
first signs of cat pregnancy

From the title of the article, you can easily understand that today we will be talking about the interesting condition of female cats.

If you are the lucky owner of a male cat, then don’t rush to close the article, it may be also interesting for you! Maybe your male will someday become a father and information about cat pregnancy signs will be useful. In any case, it is interesting!

How To Tell if a Cat Is Pregnant?

Well, after all, some people dream to become cat grandparents and don’t sterilize their cats. Actually, the sterilization relieves both the cat and the owners from suffering.

Most often, these are owners of thoroughbred cats who adore their favorite cat. They are very eager to get kittens with the same personality traits and unique appearance. And that’s why for a long time they choose the dearie and father for future babies and then await with awe their birth together with mommy.

After a successful sexual encounter the owners of a cat are interested in an obsessive question: “Is my cat pregnant now?

But don’t hurry, with cats not everything is as fast as you think. You can see or notice the first signs of cat pregnancy at least a week after mating (and then you are unlikely to succeed).

Early Signs of Cat Pregnancy

cat pregnancy signs
  • The first thing you can notice is the state of morning sickness in a cat. It will manifest itself in the form of increased appetite and vomiting in the morning. A pregnant cat may experience this condition during the first weeks of pregnancy (syndrome occurs after 3-4 weeks of pregnancy). It should also be noted that these symptoms may indicate a number of pathologies that have the same manifestations. That’s why you should immediately contact the veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Sleepiness, passivity, and apathy are also among the first signs of cat pregnancy. When a female cat gets pregnant, her body has a number of changes associated with the restructuring of the hormonal background. Therefore, the expectant mother lies still or naps most of the time. She refuses active games and just rests in a secluded place watching what is happening around her. This behavior can be observed by the owner from 1 to 3 weeks of pregnancy.

Cat Pregnancy Symptoms Starting From 4 Weeks

cat pregnancy symptoms
  • Usually, the cat doesn’t feel nausea anymore and on the contrary, has a great desire to eat more than usual. As a result, you may notice how your cat is gaining weight.
  • The next sign is an enlarged abdomen. But the big stomach is not from overeating, but from the fact that there are kittens. You can gently palpate them in the cat’s belly. And then you can say with certainty that my cat is pregnant.
  • If you see that the cat after 4 weeks of pregnancy again begins to become active, play, and walk on the street, there is no doubt – she will really soon give birth to cute hairballs.
  • Swelling of nipples and color changes are the brightest signs that the cat’s body is actively preparing for the birth of kittens and their feeding. Swelling of the nipples is especially noticeable during 4-6 weeks of pregnancy.

How to know if your cat is pregnant? Rest assured that a pregnant cat will not let males near it during walks on the street – this is another sign of pregnancy.

What Are the Signs of Cat Pregnancy (Later Terms)

how to know if your cat is pregnant
  • Normal cat behavior may change (an aggressive cat becomes quiet, calm and a gentle cat may be aggressive and restless). All this is due to hormonal changes – don’t worry, it will pass.
  • Also, the cat rarely leaves its favorite place of rest and reacts lazily to offers of play from its owner.
  • Pay attention to the belly of a pregnant cat, you may notice the movement of small kittens in the mother’s womb.
  • A pregnant cat close to her due date begins looking for a place to give birth to kittens; it can be anything and the most difficult places in the apartment.

The Latest Signs of Pregnancy on Which You Can Understand That Kittens Are Already Close

  • Firstly, the cat often meows and breathes heavily, as if warning that labor will soon begin.
  • Second is the appearance of milk in the mother’s chest.

Perhaps, these are the most common and accurate signs that your cat will soon become a mother!

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