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Kitten Sucking on a Blanket: What Is the Reason and How to Get Rid of This Habit

May.07.2021 264
kitten sucking on a blanket

We have already discussed the strange behavior of cats with our regular readers. If you just joined us or want to refresh your knowledge, then the information is here! Today we are going to talk about more specific behaviors that might confuse you. Cat is biting a blanket and kneading, what does it mean? It is difficult to ignore, especially considering the consequences of such “snacks”. Such a habit can lead to a maximum upset stomach and minimum spoilage of your favorite things. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons and what to do in such a situation. Enjoy reading!

Why Do Cats Knead and Bite Blankets?

cat biting blanket

This habit can appear in both a kitten and an adult cat. And the reasons usually differ according to the age and uniqueness of your pet. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most common ones.

Early Weaning

An experienced breeder will never give a kitten into new hands until it is 8 weeks old. Otherwise, early weaning can lead to anxiety and strange habits, for example, kitten sucking on a blanket. It reminds your kitten of the feeding process. Usually, with successful further socialization, the kitten outgrows this habit.

Searching for Comfort

This reason is related to the previous one. Since the process of feeding the mother cat also calms her kittens, and they feel in a comfort zone. You have probably noticed that cats love to lick their fur, haven’t you? But why do cats lick blankets? If you begin to notice this in your kitten or already an adult cat, then it feels discomfort and calms down in this way.


If you have had a change in the household, stressful situations, or the loss of a family member, this can negatively affect your cat. And this strange behavior is the result of anxiety. If you do not try to cope with this problem, then such a condition will only worsen to an irreversible point.

Feature of the Breed

Why do cats bite blankets? Some cat breeds are prone to this oddity. Experts identify a separate concept called “pica”. It is the case when cats by an unknown force are drawn to try a knowingly inedible thing or object. It is noted that some oriental breeds (Siamese, Burmese, and others) suffer from “pica” more often than representatives of other breeds. Some experts believe that this predisposition is at the genetic level.

Cat is Biting and Scratching Blanket: How to Stop It

cat is biting the blanket at night

Check out this simple guide to help you break the habit in your cat.

  • Keep your cat away from blankets, rugs, and clothing.
  • The main thing is to replace unsuitable items with more harmless and maybe useful ones. For example, buy some kind of toy made from natural materials that it cannot swallow. Or ask in the pet store for special treats for pets that you can suck on. However, you should remember that many such treats are not useful.
  • Try to distract the cat from this habit by any means throughout the week. For example, play with it more often. If your cat is biting the blanket at night, then spending all the energy during the day is a good option. The cat will get tired and sleep.
  • If you manage to find out the cause of the stress and eliminate it, then the problem may go away by itself.
  • Even if it seems to you that nothing terrible is happening, then consult your veterinarian anyway. Perhaps the problem is more serious and the cat will be prescribed sedatives.

A little love and affection and you will succeed.

Is a cat biting the blanket? Now you know the possible reasons and know your first steps in fighting against such a habit. If you have already encountered such a problem and were able to overcome it, share your story in the comments. Thank you for reading our blog. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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