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LaPerm Cat Breeds: History, Features of Curly Coat, Health and Care Issues

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LaPerm Cat Breed

LaPerm cat is one of the rarest breeds, and the only one that cannot be confused with any other breed. It has an interesting origin story and appearance, so if you see it once, you would not be able to forget it. Let’s find out the key facts about the breed first.

  • Origin: United States;
  • Height: 6-10 inches;
  • Weight: 8-10 pounds;
  • Coat: cat with curly hair and chocolate, sable, brown, blue, silver, cream, black, fawn, white, orange, red, etc.;
  • Temperament: affectionate and sociable;
  • Life Expectancy: 10-15 years;

You will find out more about each point from the list below.

History of LaPerm Cat

The LaPerm breed is based on a genetic mutation in a litter of six kittens born in Oregon in the early 1980s. According to records from that time, one in six kittens was born without hair, with large ears and markings on the skin. At about 2 months, the kitten began to grow curly hair. Kitten owners were not familiar with breed types and mutations, so curly hair was not immediately considered the beginning of a new breed. Only ten years later, when more and more kittens were born with such features, farmers began to look for information about the breed. Other breeders noticed such unusual cats and began to take part in their breeding. Since 2002, the LaPerm cat breeds have been recognized all over the world.

LaPerm: Characteristics

History of LaPerm Cat

LaPerm can be of two types – with long or short hair. In either case, the coat is wavy, the head is wedge-shaped, and its contours are rounded. Cats have a wide muzzle with a strong chin. The ears smoothly continue the triangular head, and long-haired cats should have tassels on them. LaPerm cats often have large and expressive almond-shaped eyes, but they may not always match the shade of the coat. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones, and this is noticeable while walking, as the hips are higher than the shoulders. LaPerm can be born without hair at all, but it grows in up to 2-5 months. Some kittens may be born with straight hair, but after the first molt, curls appear on the cats’ bodies. Therefore, it is impossible to guess from the first months of life what degree of curliness its coat would have. Are LaPerm hypoallergenic cats? The characteristics of the coat reduce the spread of allergens. However, this does not mean that they are absolutely safe for allergy sufferers, which means, LaPerm cat isn’t hypoallergenic.

LaPerm Cat: Colors

The standard of a LaPerm cat lists all colors and their combinations. For example:

  • black;
  • red;
  • white;
  • ivory;
  • chocolate;
  • brown.

Of course, this is not a complete list of possible colors, because another feature of this breed is the color range of their coat. So, experts specified more than 30 of their kind, but tortoiseshell and tabby are hereditary for this breed.

LaPerm: Temperament

LaPerm cat Temperament

Cat breed LaPerm is cute and very affectionate, requiring constant contact with a human in order to show its love and get it in return. These furry friends love active games and enjoy playing with adults and children. If called, the cats will immediately run to the call. At rest, the animals meow very quietly. However, when LaPerm needs something, it amplifies its intonations. These pets love hunting, which they inherited from farm cats. It does not interfere with their comfortable living in the apartment, because they can take root in any environment. These cats are very intelligent, so there would be no problems with their training, especially if you choose the right approach. You can even teach a cat to use a toilet, but you would need to show maximum patience because this is not an easy process

Are LaPerm Cats Healthy?

LaPerms have predispositions to some diseases:

  • Hypersensitivity of the skin. This may be accompanied by regular dermatitis and herpes.
  • Worms.
  • Cystitis.

When fleas appear, cats can have an allergic reaction that goes away on its own after the parasites are removed. Otherwise, these animals are in excellent health, it is important only to periodically examine them with a veterinarian and make the necessary vaccinations. If you monitor your cat’s health and nutrition properly, your pet can live for 10-15 years.


LaPerm is not picky about food, but at the same time, its diet should be balanced and fresh.

At a young age, the best food is breast milk, because it contains several essential nutrients and trace elements, which are necessary for the proper development of the animal. However, if it is impossible, you can always find a solution, as this article explains. Active cats need a lot to drink, and don’t forget to change it once a day. It is contraindicated to feed the cat garlic, grapes, pork, smoked products, salty foods, and sweets. Do not overfeed your cat, as this can cause serious digestive problems.


It is not difficult to take care of a curly fur cat at all. Comb the coat with an ordinary brush once a week. Periodically check the condition of the eyes and ears, and clean them if necessary.

Fun Fact

Experts have come up with a special term that describes all animals with a genetic mutation. It’s called a Rex, and LaPerm is included in that list.
We hope that you enjoy our facts about this breed. If you want to have such a cat, just google “LaPerm cat adoption” and you might find your new friend. If you have a cat of this breed, make a photo, post it on Instagram, and don’t forget to mark us – If you still have any questions, ask in the comments!

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