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Can Cats Walk on a Leash and Is It Easy to Train Them: Read Our Guide on a Cat Leash Training

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How to Leash Train a Cat

Not all owners can let the cat go outside due to possible risks. However, special leashes for cats have solved this problem. Now you can walk with your cat together. If you think that you would put a leash on your four-legged furry and immediately go for a walk, then everything is not so simple. Any changes are stressful for the animal and may negatively affect the cat’s health. Therefore, you would need to take time to train. Do cats like leashes? There is no definite answer to this question because it depends on the individual characteristics of your pet and the training process. In our article, we will share with you some tips for cat leash training.

Walking a Cat on a Leash: Is It a Good Idea?

Research has long proven that indoor cats live longer than outdoors. However, it is useful for them to explore the world, for example, with the help of an owner. Taking cats on walks can help push their boundaries and release the day’s accumulated energy. Many experts believe that it is even necessary. Of course, not all cats like to walk outdoors, and that’s okay too. Your pet may be one of them. Be sure to pay close attention to its behavior during walks, and if the discomfort persists after a few workouts, it is better to leave this venture in the past.

How to Leash Train a Cat?

How to Leash Train a Cat?

First of all, you need to choose the right equipment for walking your cat. Many owners search the internet for walking collars. However, it is not a suitable option, as it can easily damage your pet’s neck. A harness and a leash are the most suitable variants. Follow our guide on teaching a cat to walk on a leash.

Let a Cat Get Used to New Devices

In order for a cat to wear a harness with pleasure, it must become part of its personal items. Leave this new accessory at its disposal, so the cat can sniff, bite, and play with it. Then you can gradually move on to trying on the harness, for 5-10 minutes a day. Gradually increase the time. Be sure to give some tasty treats to your cat. It helps a pet to associate this item with positive emotions. When you see good results, you can move on to the next step. Place the leash near the cat’s bed and let it play with it, dragging it along the ground from side to side. This way a cat would quickly get used to the unfamiliar attribute. Your pet may not be very enthusiastic about new things that limit its freedom. Therefore, do not forget to treat it again. Experts claim that the ideal age for training is 6-7 months because the kitten is more curious during this period. Therefore, leash training a kitten has a better chance than in elder age.

Walking in the House

Now, your cat is ready to take walks, but only indoors. Take a few test drives at home. Take the leash in hand and walk from one room to another. If the cat does not respond well to new circumstances, stop immediately and resume tomorrow. If the cat shows a good reaction, anyway, it is too early to walk outside. Give your pet time. The house is its safe zone, and on the street, there are many unknown factors for it. Don’t forget to reward your pet at every stage. Come up with a short route, such as three rooms. And when the cat walks with you on a leash to each of the rooms, give something tasty.

Walking in the Street

Can you leash train a cat in a short period of time? It is quite possible to do this in a few days. However, most of the time, training lasts about 1-3 weeks. If within a month you do not see progress, then most likely this method for walking on the street does not suit your cat. As soon as you notice that the cat feels confident enough in different circumstances and is no longer afraid of new sensations, it’s time to leave the house. For the first walks, it is better to choose places away from moving vehicles and loud noise. Start with short walks, even for 5-6 minutes. If you notice that your cat is uncomfortable, pick it up quickly and go home. You can always try again the next day. If you think that walking a cat is the same as walking a dog, you are mistaken. The cat decides for itself which path and which pace to choose and only in very rare cases, you may be in charge during a walk. So do not be too strict, it is controlled by curiosity and character traits. How long can cats walk on a leash after successful training? The walking time also depends on your pet. On average, it varies from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

It’s never too late to teach your pet something new. Let’s start a small challenge: take a photo of your cat while walking on a leash, post a story on Instagram, and don’t forget to mark our page ( Thank you for being with us. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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