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How to Care for a Blind Cat: Simple Steps that Can be Helpful for a Blind Cat

Jun.28.2021 175
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Unfortunately, misfortunes also happen to our pets. If your cat has lost its sight, you need to remain patient and try to be helpful. Cats can adapt to blindness by relying on other senses, such as scent and hearing. You have to help your pet to adapt to the home curtain. Caring for a blind cat is not an easy task, and we will try to help you.

How to Care for a Blind Cat?

blind cat care

Do not be afraid. Your cat can easily adapt with your help. However, before you Google “help for blind cats”, you need to make sure that the diagnosis is correct (if your cat was not blind before):

  • See your veterinarian for advice as early as possible. Some causes of blindness are treatable, so there is no need to hesitate. Possible symptoms that you should look out for may include:
    • confusing behavior in the common environment;
    • blows against furniture and other objects;
    • unsuccessful jumps and landings;
    • lack of desire to move around the house or go outside;
    • attempts to rub eyes and a tendency to squint.

So, how to help a blind cat if the diagnosis is confirmed?

Remove All Obstacles

Since at first, it will be difficult for a blind cat to move around the house, you need to try to make its move as smooth as possible.

  • Keep the floor clean so that your cat can walk around the house without bumping into objects.
  • Do not rearrange the furniture in the rooms where cat can walk.
  • If you have children, teach them to clean up after themselves with toys.

Stop Loud Sounds in the House

Living with a blind cat means changing some habits. Since the cat can no longer rely on its eyesight to identify possible threats to itself, it will be more intimidated by loud noises. If you accidentally hear a loud noise in the house, be sure to calm the cat with stroking and affectionate words. To maintain a calm environment, try to do the following:

  • Get up slowly from your chairs, dogs, etc.
  • Try not to shout anything to the interlocutor from the other room but go up to him/her.
  • Do not knock on the cabinet and room doors.

Conversation with the Cat

Your cat doesn’t see when you enter the room, and you need to say something to the pet or make some kind of calm sound. This is necessary so that the cat understands that it is you and where you are. It will also prevent your cat from being scared if you decide to pet it.

Let’s Walk Together

If your cat did not go out before blindness, then you may not need this advice for taking care of blind cats. However, if the cat is used to walking, then now it needs your presence. If you have a small enclosed area, you can just keep an eye on the cat. If you are not sure that the pet will not run away, then buy a special leash for cats and go for walks with it. This will help prevent dangerous situations.

Veterinarian Directions Are Laws

Your cat requires special treatment, medication, or other procedures, be sure to follow your veterinarian’s instructions. If a cat’s blindness is caused by a medical condition, it will not improve without treatment. In addition, if, despite treatment, the cat’s condition does not change or even worsens, you should immediately contact your veterinarian again.

Let’s Play

Despite its blindness, a cat will strive to do everything that cats usually enjoy doing, such as playing. When buying toys for cats, look for those that are specifically designed for blind animals. Try toys that make mouse squeaks or bird chirps. The cat may like to track these types of toys by sound.

What about Blind Cat Care?

living with a blind cat

Taking care of a blind cat is a similar process to a healthy pet. Brush your cat regularly, feed it nutritious food, periodically treat it, and take it to your veterinarian for check-ups. Pay special attention to the condition of the nose and ears, as these are the senses that currently make life easier for your cat.

We are confident that a blind cat can live the same happy life as a pet that sees well. As Saint-Exupéry wrote: “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed”. See you soon!

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