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Mange in Cats

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I think that every child cannot pass by a homeless cat. I remember my childhood when my mother reacted vigorously to any attempts to pet the cat or at least to get within a meter of it. And the most popular phrases from my mother were “No, don’t even think about approaching it! Can’t you see the skin conditions in this cat? Look at this cat with mange. Do you want to have the same one.

Of course, I changed my decision immediately after such words. But I did not understand what a cat’s mange is. If we were to believe my mother’s words this is something terrible.

Maybe you have a cat or even two you’ll be interested to read about this disease and how to cure mange in cats?

What Is Mange in Cats?

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The fungal infection is the main reason for mange on the cat’s skin. Or, more accurately, there are two types of fungus microspore and trichophyte which most often affect the skin layers, fur, and claws of a cat. All those who have heard of this disease imagine a picture of a cat that has no hair on a certain area of skin (as well as alopecia). But in fact, mange in cats may look different. A cat may have the following symptoms: redness of the skin, dry skin crust, the appearance of a boil. The cat’s head and limbs are the places where you may notice fungus infection most often.

Cat’s mange cannot be seen immediately after infection, because the fungus takes a while to prove itself. Therefore, the incubation period lasts by 10-40 days. Some cats can transfer the fungus asymptomatic on the surface of their skin and infect other animals. Besides, not only cats can be infected by the fungus, but also dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters.

Varieties of Cat Mange

Let’s start with the most dangerous ringworm. Long-haired cats most often suffer from this species of lichen. The length of the coat doesn’t allow us to see its progression in the early stage. Ears and forelegs are the places where mange locates most often. If you don’t show your cat to a doctor as early as possible, the affected area will grow gradually. Ringworm may also be accompanied by pustules and scales on the affected area of the skin – rather unpleasant to behold. Shedding and a bundle of fur is the first signs that you need to go to the veterinarian.

Pityriasis Versicolor

It is also one of the most dangerous varieties of fungus infection which requires serious treatment and rehabilitation. It has an oval or round shape. And these ovals gradually merge into a whole one in a short time. Pityriasis Versicolor may have a pink, reddish, or brown hue and the cat may need medical treatment.

Pityriasis rosea, weeping dermatitis, and other less dangerous species of mange in cats should also be mentioned.

Can Cats Get Mange?

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Yes, they can. Your pet can get microspores of the fungus in different ways, for example:

  1. Most often, cats get mange in the street. If your cat walks regularly among other cats or just comes into contact with the environment, it is not surprising that you may notice not only fungi but also bugs on your cat.
  2. As we said in previous articles, even indoor cats that have never been outdoors can get fungus infection. It’s simple, you can bring fungus spores on the bottom of your shoes, on your clothes or even on your hands. So, don’t rush to hug your pet when you come from the street, it is better to wash your hands first.
  3. Weak immunity is the main reason for the disease’s progress. If you don’t follow the cat’s nutrition and activity, the risk of infection increases. Also, the cat’s breeds that were bred artificially (Persian and British cats, for example) have no immunity from such fungi.

How Do You Understand That Your Cat Gets Mange?

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Only a veterinarian can give a definitive answer to this question. There are several types of diagnostics of the mange in the cat. The veterinarian can take a sample of cat fur for analysis and he can use a UV lamp. The mange color will change under the luminescence of the lamp. The doctor may take a sample of the spore fungus for growing on a Petri plate. This is considered the most precise method and it is used for accurate analysis in cases of doubt.

Is Mange Contagious?

Many owners get rid of a cat immediately when a doctor finds any kind of mange. It’s understandable, they are worried about their health. Approximately 3% of owners who go to the veterinarian to treat the cat’s mange have the same symptoms. Yes, a person who has low immunity, a chronic disease, or it is allergic has every chance to get infected. And on top of all, the children are the closest target for dangerous fungi. Because their immunity is not too resistant to these microorganisms.

Cat Mange Treatment

Some owners may use home remedies to get rid of mange in cats but this is not quite right. Because you are the first person who can get infected and secondly, only a doctor knows how to treat a certain kind of fungi.

As a result, if you notice the first signs of cat mange you should see a veterinarian and make sure that your cat is sick.

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