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Most Helpful Tips for Bathing Your Cat

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Cats and water have never been friends with each other. Without any doubt, there are water lovers among cats, but this is not a frequent occurrence. When you need to bathe your cat, then not only the question arises of bathing with shampoo or soap, but also how to make sure that the cat does not scratch you. You are trying to find the easiest way to bathe a cat on the Internet or ask for advice from friends. Today is a lucky day because we would like to share the best way to bathe a cat. These tips will be useful and you can be prepared for such stressful events as bathing your cat.

Do You Need To Bathe Your Cat?

You have probably noticed how often your cat washes. This confirms the fact that cats are one of the cleanest animals. Then why bathe a cat if your pet does an excellent job of keeping it clean? There can be three reasons for this:

  • an unpleasant smell;
  • heavy pollution, such as sticky fur;
  • fleas.

An unpleasant smell can take a long time or not disappear at all, so why torture yourself and a pet with a delicate sense of smell with this unpleasant smell? For example, sticky wool will catch even more dirt. Fleas can be a real problem for your pet and must be removed immediately. Now that you understand why to wash, the next question that interests you is probably how to wash your cat?

Cat Bath: Tips That Will Help You

bathing your cat

Each process consists of several stages which entail many questions. Bathing your cat is no exception. To keep everything going well and safely for you and your pet, take each step seriously.

What Should You Prepare?

If your cat does not like water, then do not think that it is impossible to bathe it. Choose which sink you will bathe your pet in and cover it with a towel to prevent slipping. Place a clean towel to use after bathing and an already opened shampoo next to the sink.

Remember! Use only warm water during bathing your cat.

What To Use To Bathe a Cat?

Never use your shampoo to bathe your cat. The easiest way is to buy a shampoo for cats at a pet store, where they will help you choose it in accordance with the characteristics of your pet and the purpose of bathing.

How To Bathe an Aggressive Cat?

Bathing is stressful for your cat, and if it is also aggressive, then it is also dangerous for you. Try to calm your cat down before bathing. Play with him to keep him tired and calmer, and trim his claws. You should ask for help because for two people it will be easier to manage with an aggressive cat.

How To Bathe Cats That Hate Water?

If your cat is not aggressive and just hates water, its behavior can be unexpected for you during bathing. That is why the idea of making your cat tired and calm before this stressful procedure is the best way for both of you.

How To Safely Bathe a Cat?

Finally, when you know how to prepare yourself and your pet and what to use to bathe a cat we can describe the bathing step by step.

  1. Gently wet your cat’s fur with warm water and watch closely for the reaction.
  2. Lather the fur with cat shampoo.
  3. Add extra water and continue with massage steps.
  4. Rinse off the shampoo with plenty of warm water. Pay attention to the instructions for the shampoo bottles, there it will be written how many minutes you need to keep the shampoo before rinsing.
  5. Wring out excess water off the body.
  6. Wrap the cat in a towel and take it to a warm, draft-free room.
  7. If your cat is not afraid of harsh and loud sounds, you can try drying it with a hairdryer.

Useful advice! The cat can be trained to bathe. After this procedure, the cat feels depressed and even wants to lick itself to calm down, despite the fact that he is all wet. Do not leave the cat alone, show care and affection, and when it dries up play with it. Thus, the cat will have pleasant memories after bathing, and it is quite possible.

How To Clean a Cat’s Eyes and Ears?

cat bath tips

When you wash your hair, you try to keep the shampoo out of your eyes and ears, don’t you? You must do the same during bathing your cat. Take a damp cotton swab for each eye and gently rub the cat’s eyes. If your cat has eye problems, then rinse them with a cotton swab soaked in medication. Do not buy medicines yourself, only with a veterinarian’s prescription. For a cat’s ears, you also need cotton swabs. Gently remove dampness and try not to delve inside the cat’s ear canal.

If you bathe your cat who hates water and both survived, then you are a true professional. Ok, if without jokes, then treat bathing as a treatment for your pet. It is not always pleasant, but sometimes necessary. If you still have a kitten, then there are chances to accustom it to water and bathing will only be a joy in the future. Ask your friends how they bathe their pets and invite them to help if this is your cat’s first bath. We hope our article satisfied your curiosity and answered your question about the best way to bathe a cat. We are glad that you are with us and that you are reading our blog. See you soon, because we still have so many useful and interesting things to share with you!

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