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Movies About Cats That You Really Must Watch

Aug.25.2020 208
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Cats are a special kind of art, do you agree? They’re always in the spotlight. Charisma, character, and appearance are their main trump cards. Besides, there are many cases and life stories where cats are the main figures which the owners tell their friends. Famous directors have long noticed the artistry of these animals. If you doubt that cats can get an Oscar award then we offer you to watch movies about cats.

1. “Rent-a-Cat” (Japan, 2012)

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Who else but the Japanese to make movies about cats? After all, there is a whole Cats Island in Japan on which the population of cats exceeds the number of people. The main heroine of the movie makes a living in a very unusual way. The girl who the locals called “cat witch” walks with a cart full of cats on a small coast. The main idea of the movie is people’s loneliness. Each of those who engaged the services of the cat’s witch was lonely and their heart filled with warmth when they came into contact with fluffy friends.

Excellent cast and a nice picture!

2. “Nine Lives” (Canada, 2016)

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If you believe that the human soul can reincarnate in an animal’s body after death, so you should watch this comedy definitely. This movie describes the problem of very busy people who don’t keep their priorities in order. Tom Brand – the main character billionaire and very busy man did always forget to spend time with his family. After work, he was in a hurry to buy a birthday present for his daughter (she really wanted a kitten). After buying her a gift, Tom gets into a car accident. But fate gave him another chance to fix the family situation and moved his soul into the body of a cat named Mr. Fluffy Pants. What happened next? – You have to watch it!

3. “City of Cats” (Turkey, 2016)

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Maybe you always wanted to see the world through the eyes of your cat or you are interested in the life of homeless cats? “City of cats” has this story. Who knows the city better than independent and wise cats? Professional camera footage, bright pictures, and contrast on the streets of Istanbul. The movie about human relations and love for cats.

4. “Pet Cemetery” (USA, Canada 2019)

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We can offer to watch “Pet Cemetery” (which is based on the novel of the same name for those who love horror and thrillers in Stephen King style). Stephen King himself played an episodic role in the film. The family moves into a new home, which is close to a cemetery for pets. A family favorite cat named Church gets under the wheels of a truck, after that its owners decide to bury the pet in a cramped cemetery. But the cat resurrected and returned to its house…

5. “Miss Minoes” (the Netherlands, 2001)

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An old movie with an interesting plot. If you want to be on top of all of things and sensations then you need to be friends with a feline! Which a journalist (named Tibbe) had done. Cat Minoes drank the magic potion turned into a cute girl who was the supplier of all the sensations in the area. The main character in the film, actress Carice van Houten, who plays a girl with cat habits admires viewers with her acting. Very kind and family film.

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