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National Hug Your Cat Day 2021: Don’t Forget to Join the Celebration on June 4th

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National Hug Your Cat Day

If you have a cat at home, we have no doubt that you love your pet. However, due to the busy schedule, you may not always be able to pay attention to your cat and just hug it and enjoy the treats. You may be surprised but very soon you will have an official reason to do this. Why? June 4th National Hug Your Cat Day. How this holiday came about, what it means and how to celebrate it. We will be happy to tell you about all this. Enjoy the reading!

The History of the Holiday

There is no exact date for the foundation of the holiday but it is not difficult to guess the reasons for its origin. Even in Ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped and mistaken for a deity. And in our time, cats are protected, loved, and considered a symbol of grace. By the way, there is an opinion that cats have medicinal properties and often lie on the part of the body that worries the owner. Therefore, it is not surprising that with such worldwide love, cats have a special day when they should be hugged. Why should we love this holiday?

  • This day helps to remind you that your pet needs your care and attention.
  • Cuddling with cats also has many health benefits. It is a naturally enjoyable activity that can improve the mental state of the host. Furry pets remove negative emotions and make people smile. Feeling calm is good for your cardiovascular system and has long-term health benefits.
  • This is an excuse to take a day off and spend it at home with your pet.

There are many more reasons why cats deserve your attention and for which only you can know.

How to Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day 2021?

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day

Finding time to celebrate June, 4 is not difficult. The main thing is that you have the desire to do it. We want to offer several options for how this can be done.

  • Google the nearest animal shelter in your area and volunteer for at least a couple of hours. You can also donate a small amount for food or treatment of animals.
  • Spend this day with your pet. Give it your love, care, and hug.
  • Take a photo of you hugging your cat and post it on social media. This way more people will know about the holiday and want to join.
  • Organize a cat party. Call your friends who also have cats and get together. However, don’t forget to prepare treats and toys for the main guests of the party.
  • If you have allergies and cannot be a cat owner or volunteer at a shelter, then it’s okay. You can find cute pictures of cats cuddling and post them on the internet. Donate money to the shelter. And also just watch some funny videos about these four-legged furry friends.

If someone convinces you that this is a stupid holiday and should not be celebrated, then do not believe it. This is one way to improve the relationship between you and your pet. After all, this is how your cat will understand that you love and care for it. Of course, feeding and treating your pet is a concern but hugging is also very important. Hug your pets as often as possible. If your cat is not a fan of long caresses, then the first stroke it, and then hug it. This will please not only your pet but also you. Join us on June 4th. Happy National Hug Your Cat Day!

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