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The History of National Pet Day and Ways of Celebration: Join Us on April 11

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Pet Day

If you are on the pages of our blog, then you love animals. And most likely you have a pet. We are sure that you love your cat, dog, or parrot. But how often do you spoil him with something tasty? After all, a pet should be encouraged not only for good behavior or command execution. This will help build contact and trust between you. Very soon, you will have an official reason to have fun with your pet. Have you heard of Pet Day? Yes, and such a holiday exists, why not? We will tell you what kind of holiday it is, its history and when you can plunge into the festive atmosphere. Enjoy reading!

National Pet Day: How It All Started

The first thoughts about the need for the foundation of this Day are associated with two dates:

1973, since then the statistics were summed up, which is terrifying. According to the United States Animal Welfare Society, about 13 million pets were admitted to the shelter that year. Perhaps you thought that these are not purebred animals? This is not true. The reasons for a cat or a dog to enter a shelter could be different, both then and now. For example,

  • the owner can no longer take care of a pet;
  • the pet was found on the street and could not find the owners;
  • the pet was taken away from the owners for abuse and other similar reasons.

In 2006, it was decided to celebrate the merits of the pets to us, namely the joy that we experience thanks to them. Colleen Paige is considered the founder. Of course, this is only an indirect reason. After all, why celebrate what we do every day, right? We show reciprocal care. For example, we play with a cat or call it affectionate nicknames. A more meaningful goal is to draw people’s attention to animal shelters. After all, maybe you shouldn’t go to the breeder for a kitten, but take fluffy joy from the shelter? Hundreds of cats are waiting to be adopted. And in return, they will give boundless love and affection.

When Is It National Pet Day and Is It Popular?

when is it National Pet Day

April 11, National Pet Day is the official celebration date. Nowadays, this holiday has not lost its relevance. And thanks to the development of the Internet and social networks, it has become more popular. People from all over the world post a photo of their pet and wish Happy National Pet Day to everyone. Celebrities are no exception. Surely many people know who Taylor Swift is. This famous singer has three lovely cats. Their photos are constantly flashing on her social networks, not only on special holidays.

How Can I Celebrate Pet Day?

You can have fun with your cat. Play with it with some favorite toys, treat it with goodies. However, do you remember the main purpose of founding this holiday? Right, it is helping the animals that have ended up in the shelter.

How can you help them?

  • Google the nearest shelter to your home.
  • Call the number you can find on the Internet and find out what kind of help they need.
  • Give the help that you can do. You can bring food and toys. Come and help take care of a cat that needs special care. Or it is possible to take one cat to your place for a couple of days. Who knows, maybe you will become so attached and will not want to part.
  • Be sure to take a photo of how you celebrated. Perhaps the next time your friends will want to join you.

Celebrate April 11 with us. Present your pet care at the nearest shelter. And treat your cat with goodies. We hope that everyone will be inspired by the noble purpose of the holiday and will help animal shelters. Have you heard that your friend wants to buy a cat? Persuade not to buy but to adopt. And one of the inmates of the shelter will find a home. Thank you for reading our article to the end. We hope you were interested in and liked it. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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