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National Tabby Cat Day: Don’t Forget to Join the Celebration on April, 30

Apr.30.2021 157
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Last week we discussed tabby cats. Therefore, you already know that this is not a separate breed. It is a special color that is most commonly found in outside cats and some breeds. If you want, you can refresh your memory of a tabby cat. Each cat deserves to have its special day. And today is April 30th and this is National Tabby Day. Let’s find out how we can celebrate today. Enjoy the reading!

The History of the Holiday

Unfortunately, there is no exact information about who the creator of this holiday is. However, for at least 2-3 years, April, 30 is considered the day when we congratulate spotted cats. These cute cats have won more than one heart for a long time. It’s not for nothing that tabby cats are often shown in cinematography. So it’s safe to say that they are celebrities. Who are we talking about?

  • Garfield and his enemy Nermal. You have probably seen them in comics or movies.
  • Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Heathcliff from the comics.

Some celebrities who have a tabby cat:

  • Kat Dennings;
  • Isla Fisher;
  • Miley Cyrus;
  • Lea Michele.

How to Celebrate Tabby Cat Day

tabby cat day

Even if you do not have a cat or have one, but it is not a tabby, this is not a reason not to join the celebration. We want to offer you several scenarios for today:

  • Buy some treats for your cat. Read which are the best here.
  • Buy a new toy and play with your pet.
  • Make a beauty day: bathe a cat (if it loves water), clean a fur with a special brush.
  • Take a photo of your cat and post it on social networks. And don’t forget about hashtags.
  • Look around, for sure one of the tabby is on your way. If you see a tabby cat on the street, take a picture and post it. And if you have time, then treat it with something.
  • Try organizing your own small party.
  • This holiday is a perfect reason for charity. Animal shelters need our support. If each of us buys food instead of a couple of cups of coffee, then there will be fewer hungry cats.
  • You can come to an animal shelter and volunteer for at least a few hours.

These gorgeous tabby cats with a kind temperament deserve that we make a special day for them. Without a doubt, each of us gives our love every day but let us make April 30 more memorable. Happy National Tabby Cat Day to everyone!

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