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Neva Masquerade Info about History, Personality, Care & Health Issues

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Neva Masquerade cat

Neva Masquerade cat is a breed that can surprise you with its looks, personality traits and interesting history. It has recently become popular among hundreds of other felines, but has already firmly taken its position and has become a separate species of the breed. Find out all the information about this amazing cat below!

Neva Masquerade: Info

Neva Masquerade colors
  • Origin: Russia;
  • Height: 10-12 inches;
  • Weight: 10-23 pounds;
  • Coat: Pointed thick and long;
  • Temperament: friendly and playful;
  • Good with: families;
  • Lifespan: 8-10 years.

Neva Masquerade: Origin

Neva Masquerade origin

In Russia, long-haired cats have always been an important part of the wild domestic cat population. The reason has long been debated in the research community. While some scientists have suggested that there is an independent mutation, others have used crosses with long haired cats from the Far East to produce such wild domestic cats. These muscular, fluffy house cats have been given the name Siberian Cat. So are Neva Masquerade cats Siberians? Indeed, they are not much different from it, and the history of their origin is very similar. In 1985, an experimental breed was bred in East Germany. Since 1986, long-haired domestic cats imported from Russia have been exhibited at exhibitions. In 1987 the first pair of cats of this breed arrived in West Germany. The breed found more and more fans, especially abroad. At the same time, Russia also began systematic breeding, and in 1990 the first batch of specimens was exported to the United States. However, Russia’s high export value has resulted in a relatively small number of Russian longhair cats in the United States. In 1992, the breed was officially recognized by the World Cat Federation, and in 1998 – by FIFe. Before that, it was believed that Neva Masquerade is only under the guise and mutation of the Siberian cat.

Neva Masquerade: Characteristics

Neva Masquerade height

This breed has a proportional addition. Its body is of medium length, not elongated. The skeleton is strong, massive, the neck is strong, short, the chest is three-dimensional, the muscles are well-developed. The head is also proportional to the torso. So what is Neva Masquerade’s body shape? It is like barrelled – massive and round but also proportional.

Neva Masquerade: Colors of Eyes

The eyes are almost round, set slightly obliquely, their color is blue, but up to a year it may have a green tinge. In animals, the color of the red point on the background of bright red wool on the muzzles of the eye color seems deep blue.

Neva Masquerade: Personality

This breed is characterized by a strong sense of self-esteem, which makes you wonder: is it worth getting to know it? In a family atmosphere, the cats behaved calmly and evenly, and they showed affection to all the family members. These pets love to be noticed but never show obsession. They love to “talk”, can listen and understand carefully, and are always ready to calm an agitated or worried owner by gently cooing or cooing. It is very active in camouflaging cats and loves to imitate hunting mobile games. They are very interesting: if the owners work, they will always be able to understand what is happening, will show a desire to participate and help. They would not miss any new items in the house. Due to Neva Masquerade’s temperament, it is accustomed to living conditions in an apartment and quickly adapt. Its readiness to fend for itself would be immediately expressed, although it did not show their first attack on other animals. Living in a country house, these cats easily find a “common language” with neighboring pets, and they are friendly. However, their peace does not extend to all animals – they are excellent hunters, they mercilessly kill mice, ambush moles, and do not spare innocent birds.

Neva Masquerade: Training

This breed can be trained as it is very intelligent. Even though they are not very food addicted, snacks are usually good for these cats. However, some people prefer to play. We recommend starting your workout as early as possible. The sooner you introduce your cats to the idea of ​​training, the more likely they would like it. While there are many techniques you can teach your cat, we advised you to start with leash training. Of all the skills a cat can master, this behavior may be the most practical. In special cases, this can be helpful if your cat is obese and needs extra exercise. After the pet has learned some commands, you may need to recall it. Again, this command comes in handy, especially if your cat decides to lock the door one day. In some cases, this order can even save lives. While this breed is a people oriented, it also tends to be stubborn and independent. Therefore, it may not always listen to you, especially if it is not getting any benefit from the situation.

How Big Is Neva Masquerade?

This is a large and strong cat, whose elegant appearance delights. Male cats have a very personable and self-confident appearance, which is not surprising, because their weight is sometimes 10-23 or even more pounds. The female cats, whose weight, as a rule, does not exceed 10-15 pounds, look graceful and are distinguished by pronounced noble manners.

Neva Masquerade: Size in Inches

Males are also taller than females. An average Neva Masquerade height is 10-12 inches, but the maximum value is 14.

Neva Masquerade: Care

Neva Masquerade size
  • First of all, this breed needs care for its wool, which is renewed in it almost all year round. Particular care should be taken during periods of seasonal molting, as well as during this period you need to bathe your pet once a week. For the procedure to be effective, the cat needs to be soaped three times and “rinsed” the same number of times. This can be done in the bathroom and basin. The temperature of the collected water should be 38-40 °C. After the last “rinse”, pour warm water into a basin or bucket, squeeze the juice of one lemon into it and wash the wool again. After bathing the animal should be well dried. The kitten should be accustomed to water treatments from an early age.
  • It is necessary to comb the representative of this breed at least twice a week. This is done with an ordinary metal comb with blunt teeth. The tail itself can not be combed: the hairs on it are very weak and fall out easily, and new ones grow for a long time.
  • Ears, eyes and teeth also need systematic care. The ears should be cleaned once a month. This is convenient to do with a stick with a cotton swab, which should be soaked in Vaseline, olive or ordinary vegetable oil. The tampon should be squeezed before the procedure. Wipe the eyes with a damp cotton ball soaked in warm water or strong tea. Brush your teeth with a small toothbrush using a special animal toothpaste.
  • An adult cat should be fed twice a day. Feeding a kitten begins with five meals a day, as it gets older, the number of meals per day is gradually reduced.

Neva Masquerade: Health Problems

Neva Masquerade info

These cats have strong immunity and excellent health. Among them are long-lived, some of whom live to 18 years, but the average life expectancy is about 8-10 years.

  • The main danger for this breed is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, in which the blood in the pulmonary vessels stagnates. In the early stages of this disease is not detected, and to determine that the animal is unhealthy, you can only when the pet begins to short of breath and chronic fatigue. If you still manage to detect the disease at the very beginning of its occurrence, the cat can be saved with maintenance therapy.
  • Another serious problem can be created by its hair – fallen hair often gets into the stomach with food. They are not digested, but form fur balls, which cause disorders of the digestive system. The animal can get rid of them on its own, thanks to the vomiting reaction, but you can help the cat to cause vomiting. Talk to your veterinarian about the most effective way.

There are too many factors that can have some influence to Neva Masquerade lifespan, but you can help it to live a long and happy life with your family. How old is your pet? Share in the comments!

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