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Norwegian Forest Cat: Wild Appearance and Gentle Character

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Norwegian forest cat

The most common thing people say about these beauties is the following: “The silhouette is majestic, the character is Nordic, mature…” – Do you think it’s about some superhero from Scandinavian fairy tales? No, this is a characteristic of the Norwegian forest cat.

The origin story of the Norwegian forest house cat has several variations.

According to one version, Angora cats (brought to Norway by Vikings) left their offspring to local shorthaired cats, getting, as a result, a mix of two types of blood.

The Vikings had a purely consumerist attitude to cats. They had to catch mice and rats on ships. Therefore, no one spoiled the wild cat, neither food nor attention. In time, cats began to live in the northern forests of Norway, acquired thick fur, agility and strength. Sometimes they came close to villages but did not stay with humans for a long time.

Another version suggests that this Norwegian breed was created by crossing a lynx with a domestic cat.

The third version of the origin of the Norwegian beauty is associated with such countries as Turkey and Scotland, but these are the most dubious versions.

Either way, we have a strong and hardy animal with a flexible body and wild appearance, but soft and gentle and at the same time fearless.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an officially registered breed, listed in the FIFE (International Cat Federation) as an experimental breed.

What Does a Norwegian Forest Cat Look Like?

Norwegian forest cat breed

The thick fluffy coat with a thick undercoat and the rather long cuddly tail is the main external feature of the Norwegian cat. On the tips of the ears are very neat and beautiful tassels, inherited by the cat from the ancestors of lynxes. The cat has another characteristic feature – a regal lush mane, which, like a collar, encircles the neck and descends to the chest of the animal in the form of a triangle.

How Big Is a Norwegian Forest Cat?

Norwegian forest cat fur

Size of a Norwegian Forest Cat

The fluffy fur and massive body and muscles make these beauties real giants among cats. Some call them a small relative of the lynx or just a “medium” lynx.

How Much Do Norwegian Forest Cats Weigh?

As usual, the weight of the adults must be differentiated by sex. The male Norwegian cat can reach up to 9-10 kg at a mature age. Accordingly, females have a smaller weight – 6-7 kg.

Norwegian Forest Cat Height

It is about 40 cm at the withers.

The color of their luxurious fur is not limited by the breed standards (it can be any). More attention is paid to eye color. Golden and green shades belong to the standards of the Norwegian cat breed.

Portrait and Outstanding Features of “Norwegian” Character

Norwegians are sociable and friendly animals who perfectly get along with people and other animals. They are practically devoid of aggression, so they are eagerly taken into families with children.

Owners of Norwegian cats say about their pets as sedate, sensible, intelligent animals, a bit phlegmatic, with self-esteem. They will not impose their society, but at the same time, they are very attached to their owner.

However, these huge and calm cats need play activity and exercise. Don’t forget that Norwegian cats are hunters by nature. In order to provide the animal to keep their body and muscles toned, it is recommended to buy a “cat town” – a high shelf, on which your pet will climb to look at his world from the hunting heights.

The hair of Norwegian cats does not require special care, so it’s enough to comb it 1-2 times a week and bathe when necessary. Daily combing during the molting period is recommended so that there are no tangles.

How Long Do Norwegian Forest Cats Live?

size of a Norwegian forest cat

These cats can boast of their own longevity. With proper maintenance and quality care animals live 15-18 years, and in some cases, a pet can live over 20 years.

Also, representatives of this species are distinguished by good health. Norwegian Wildcats are not afraid of neither natural disasters, nor frost, or drafts. Their favorites get cold very rarely. A cat owes its good health to the harsh Scandinavian climate.

Genetic diseases are very rare, but kittens with defects can be seen at once, most often they do not live to adulthood, if they do not die in the first few days.

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