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Oriental Shorthair Cat

Nov.13.2020 984
Oriental shorthair cat

Not so long ago we wrote about those cats who like to communicate most in the article “Talkative cat breeds”. Oriental shorthair cat’s breed was at the top of the list.

And looking at these representatives of the family of cats and natives of Thailand, you can say that these cats from another planet (alien creatures). But in fact, these cats are the real earthly inhabitants who believe that everything in the world belongs to them and their beloved master.

Oriental shorthair cats have an unusual appearance – huge ears, triangular muzzle shape and a sophisticated body with long legs. They are the closest relatives of Siamese cats, who are their ancestors. The main feature of oriental cats is their blue eyes and color of the “point” type when the muzzle, legs and tail have spots on their hair. They have short hair (no undercoat), shiny and tightly nailed to the body of the pet.

Many people can easily confuse them with dogs – yes, this is common. Children can say “bow-wow!” when they see an oriental cat instead of “meow meow!”. Maybe they look like a bald puppy from a distance but the oriental shorthair temperament is very similar to a dog’s character. They are also very loyal and devoted animals to their owner.

“Rainbow cats” is another name that you can see in different sources. Such a colorful name they got due to the large number of different colors of hair (some experts have more than 300 colors of oriental cat breed).

Oriental Shorthair Profile

Oriental shorthair temperament

Oriental Shorthair Cat Personality

Sometimes you may get the impression that wherever you look, your oriental companion is right there. And that’s because they are very active and energetic pets. They are madly fond of playing various games, both on their own and with their favorite host.

They will follow you, communicate, purr without stopping, give their love and attention to all family members. Oriental shorthair temperament – these alien cats are very friendly and madly love to chat. If you are not the person who is ready to tolerate and reciprocate the loud meowing of a pet, then this breed is definitely not for you. These are the most talkative cats that know how to listen and empathize with the interlocutor.

Some More Features of Oriental Shorthair Temperament

As the owners of oriental shorthair cat say, they can repeat the intonation of their interlocutor. You can understand what the oriental cat wants to talk about by their voice. This breed of cat can complain about something, say that it is worried about something, that it missed or tell us about its day. They amaze with their ability to change the tone and timbre of their voice.

It is interesting that even in old age this breed of cat doesn’t lose its desire to be an active, curious and talkative companion. The main thing to understand is that oriental cats can’t stand the loneliness. If you often disappear from work and pay little attention to them, they will be sad and unhappy. Their owner is a whole universe for oriental cats.

They have strong enough immunity and good health. But if you have become the owner of an oriental kitten, you should choose one type of quality food from childhood and take care of its nutrition. You should also get used to one meal time and avoid overeating because this breed of cat tends to gain extra weight.

If you once decided to become the owner of an oriental kitten, you will be the happiest owner of a loyal and intelligent pet and will hardly be able to give up such a miracle!

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