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Pet Sitters Week: The History and the Way of Celebration in 2021

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When you have a pet, you need to understand that the usual way of life will change. You will no longer be able to break into an unexpected journey since a loving family member will be waiting for you at home. It’s great when someone from your loved ones can take care of the pet for a while, but this is a rare case. We are sure that you have heard about professional pet sitters, but it is time to read about professional Pet Sitters Week?

History of Pet Sitters Week

Pet Sitters Week

The history of the creation of the Pet Sitters Week is associated with the name Patti J. Moran as the first person who unified pet sitters through a non-profit association in 1989. She proved that a pet sitter could be a respectable and lucrative job. The first Pet Sitters Week was created in 1995. Pet Sitters International has already successfully held 26 Weeks. The main purpose of it was to attract the public to a pet sitter profession. In other words, to provide support and admiration to those who are already engaged in professional pet care and to support future specialists in the endeavors.

Was There a Need To Create a Pet Sitters Week?

If you google, you will find many similar advertisements: “I can take care of your pet while you are at work or on vacation!” But also on the internet, you will find many stories of cruel animal education from those who took advantage of such an offer.

The professional pet sitter was relatively new in society, there was no loyalty to it. Pet Sitters Week made it possible to convince people that it is not necessary to pay attention to such explanations on the Internet but to turn to professional people. After all, if you have a choice of who will sit with the child, a certified nanny, or an unfamiliar person, the choice is obvious, isn’t it?

How To Celebrate Pet Sitters Week?

History of Pet Sitters Week

The celebration of the professional Pet Sitters Week is a great tradition, which takes place at the beginning of March. This is not only a holiday but also an introductory event, where you can find out the following important information about professional pet sitters:

  • An approach will be found specifically for your pet. Pets with special needs will receive proper care;
  • Professional pet sitters know how to provide first aid to your pet;
  • The work in a pet’s habit will prevent disturbed behavior of the animal, which can be related to the abrupt change of residence;
  • If pets are exercising, then professional pet sitters can help to store exercises;
  • Professional pet sitters faithfully follow all recommendations for caring for your pet.

During the celebration, you can also join the dinner, make a donation to a pet organization, and search for a special offer. The 27th professional Pet Sitters Week 2021 will take place on March 7-13.

We hope our article was instructive and interesting for you. We wish you a happy professional pet sitters week! See you on the pages of our blog!

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